A New Creative Journey: The Rework Atelier Opens its Doors in Sparks Bristol for August.

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of The Rework Atelier in the heart of Broadmead, Sparks Bristol. If you are an up-cycled designer, this will be your new paradise for creativity. Evie from Daines Atelier and Poppy from Oakey Media and Poppy.My.Wardrobe have pooled their shared passion and expertise to bring this exclusive curation of skilled up-cycled designers to life.

A Hive for Upcycled Designers.

Creating a dedicated space for small, independent, up-cycled designers has always been our dream, and we couldn’t be more excited for The Rework Atelier to finally blossom into reality. As creators of one-of-a-kind products ourselves, we understand the challenges you face- the daunting financial commitments, the time crunch, and the difficult quest of presenting your work in front of the right audience.

That’s where The Rework Atelier steps in, offering an affordable retail outlet for showcasing unique products from hard-working designers like you. Our experience in e-commerce and business consulting fuels our aim to provide opportunities and bring visibility to others in similar circumstances.

Creating Spaces, Shining a Light on Sustainable Businesses

As founder of Oakey Media, a media agency targeted at making small businesses shine, Poppy has been an avid advocate for good, working closely with various sustainable businesses, both small and large. Her resilience and commitment to sustainable practices make her the perfect co-conspirator in this creative venture.

With The Rework Atelier, our aim is to create an inspiring community where you can connect, collaborate, and garner exposure for your unique designs. Each of these brands shares our vision to promote sustainability through innovative design and creative reworking, proving that style and sustainability can be beautifully intertwined.

Meet the Brands of The Rework Atelier

Embedded in the versatile Sparks Bristol, The Rework Atelier will be curating work from brands that share our dedication to up-cycling and sustainability, including:

Nufin’ Wasted

Nufin’ Wasted is a creative upcycling brand that transforms old clothing materials into stunning reworked pieces. Their collection includes an array of stylish items such as reworked ruffle mini skirts, patchwork cropped tank tops and hoodies, cargo skirts, and even bamboo jersey dresses. The brand is committed to reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment while offering wearable, unique, and eye-catching designs. Nufin’ Wasted emphasizes quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovative fashion for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

Material Response

Material Response is a brand focused on sustainability and environmentally-conscious practices. Although specific information about their products and services is limited on their website, it is clear that they have a commitment to promoting a positive impact on the environment. Their dedication to responsible practices in the fashion industry paves the way for a more eco-friendly and innovative future.

Molly Alice UK

MollyAlice is a UK-based brand that promotes slow fashion through its handmade accessories and homeware. Made with love in Dorset, England, the brand is a haven for dreamers who have an affinity for colourful and vivid prints. The curated summer essentials, along with other products, aim to provide a unique and personalised experience to the users, reflecting MollyAlice’s emphasis on originality, creativity, and sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Andreal Designs

AndReal Design is an award-winning British brand specializing in sustainable handmade leather handbags and accessories. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, AndReal Design delineates a strong commitment towards sustainability and eco-conscious practices. With their captivating collection, they invite customers to join them in their mission towards making the fashion industry more sustainable.

Daines Atelier

Model Poppy Oakley, photographed by Matthew Evas, flawlessly draped in Daines Atelier's Cropped Batwing Jumper.

Daines Atelier is an influential brand leading the way in sustainable and upcycled slow fashion. Committed to creating beautiful and unique clothing, this brand champions a less wasteful approach by reworking and repurposing pre-existing materials. With a diverse product range and fair prices, Daines Atelier provides a shopping experience that upholds quality, sustainability, and the value of thoughtful consumption.

Manners Made

Manners Made is a UK-based brand specializing in high-quality, sustainable, slow fashion crossbody bags. The brand boasts a diverse range of products handmade in black canvas, waxed canvas, denim, and even corduroy showcasing their commitment to nuanced craftsmanship. The brand’s versatility, from soft denim to heavy-duty black waxed canvas, speaks to their finesse and dedication to catering to a variety of customer preferences. With its fair pricing and unique offerings, Manners Made successfully marries fashion-forward style with sustainable practices.

Bees Knees Apparel

Bees Knees Apparel is a dynamic clothing brand, breathing new life into vintage fashion. Featuring a diverse range of products, from trousers and shorts to jackets and outerwear, the brand also dabbles in unique categories like corsets and lingerie. Additionally, customers can enjoy their artwork along with a selection of reworked fashion items, emphasising their commitment to sustainable practices. Bees Knees Apparel offers fashion enthusiasts a flavourful blend of past trends and contemporary style.

Cat O’Brien

Cat O’Brien is a distinct brand that caters to art and design enthusiasts who appreciate handmade, curated items. The platform offers a range of meticulously crafted products, each with an element of uniqueness and individuality. Cat O’Brien remains committed to delivering high-quality, personalized products that resonate with their brand ethos of craftsmanship and design excellence.

Noa x Custom

Noa Custom is a brand with sustainability at the heart of its operations, offering reworked clothing made from unwearable secondhand items. The brand started its journey on Vinted, a platform for selling used clothing, where they noticed the potential in garments destined for waste due to stains or holes. Noa Custom was born out of the need to give these items a new lease on life, transforming them into unique fashion pieces like crop tops and hoodies. The brand champions the slow fashion movement, aspiring to inspire customers to make conscious, impactful choices in lieu of fast fashion.

Time to Embrace The Rework Atelier

As we gear up for our grand opening, we cordially invite all up-cycled designers, and sustainability enthusiasts to join us on this exciting venture. Let’s embrace this shared journey of creativity, sustainability, and empowerment.

The Rework Atelier promises not just a physical space but also an inspiring community for designers to thrive. Come and join us as we put our heart and soul into making this collaboration truly amazing!

We believe that together, as a community, we can make a significant impact. We need your creativity, talent, and passion to make this happen. To find out more about us and how you can become involved, please visit us at Sparks Bristol or explore http://www.sparksbristol.co.uk.

May this vibrant collaborative project light our paths towards a more sustainable and stylish future. We cannot wait to welcome you to The Rework Atelier!

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