Are you part of the rise of Indie Business?

Are you part of the rise of indie business? Say yes to small businesses. Pinterest graphic

The 2020 global pandemic saw the rise of indie business. The Uk alone saw a retail transformation of 85,000 businesses launching online or joining online market places. (according to research from Growth Intelligence) with so many new businesses arising, do they stand a chance in the market?

What’s caused the shift in our psychology?

Trend Reports from Etsy, an established online selling platform, noticed a shift in the consumer. “People want to be supporting small businesses on Etsy and make meaningful purchases. After a year marked by distance, shoppers are looking to reconnect: with each other, to nature, to their communities, and to themselves.” the increased demand for purchasing morally, has made independent businesses stand out. We’re seeing ourselves spend more time educating ourselves on being ethical.

The change in our mindset has caused us to see many high street retailers forced to close. “Arcadia going into administration, Forever21 filing for bankruptcy, and H&M making plans to shut 250 stores globally”. According to Sophie Benson, on her article for Dazed. In light of the #payup phenomenon, it sparked outrage on how these global brands truly treated their workers.

So no to unethical Fast Fashion.

With consumers wanting to shop with transparency, rather than Greenwashing. It was clear that they would need to direct themselves towards the indie business market. Smaller businesses are more likely to to discuss every aspect of their running. Including packaging, their supply chain and who the maker behind the product is. We write about saying no to fast fashion in our previous blog post.

It’s easier than ever now to say no. With the Fashion and Apparel sector having the largest number of businesses opening online. (Taken from uktech) we are now more spoilt for choice on more ethical and small brands. As Mary Portas would say: “every £1 is a vote, a vote for how we want to live.”

How do you invest your vote?

Which is ever an increasing trait of investment for the UK. “in 2016, Creative industries generate £84 billion a year for the UK economy, almost £10m an hour” according to the independent and in 2020 the government released a press statement showing that in 2018, the creative industry was contributed £111.7 billion in the Uk, the equivalent to £306 million every day.

This was a 7.4 per cent rise on the previous year. Meaning that growth was five times larger than the UK economy growth which was 1.4 per cent. What would be really interesting, would be see how the creativity industry sector grew in 2020 during the increase of Independent businesses during the pandemic.

Are you part of the rise of indie business ? Say yes to small businesses.

Why you should support an Indie Business.

There’s many reasons as to why you should support smaller businesses, such as:

1. You know exactly where your product has come from.

2. You’re supporting someones dream and passion.

3. The products will be of a higher quality and have longevity.

4. You’ll be supporting your local economy .

5. It brings a smile to everyone’s face.

The Indie Guide supports Indie business.

The Indie Guide is a publication focused on showcasing the best of creative talent in small business.

Most people are unaware of the existence of many individual businesses because they don’t enjoy the public exposure afforded only to larger corporations. Their goal is to play a part in redressing this imbalance by highlighting them in this and future publications.

They also hope to provide an opportunity for potential stockists to reach out to our carefully selected creatives, and for the conscious buyer, to find a more personal and unique shopping experience. Safely in the knowledge that they are helping struggling artists to continue to practice their beautiful craft.

Everyone featured in the first edition is a hard-working creative with a passion for his or her craft. With over 40 creatives featured, they have attempted to bring you an array of diverse businesses and artistic talent so that you can make this winter both memorable and meaningful.

Applications for the second edition of the guide are currently open. So if you’re a small business looking to grow your reach. This is the place to be.

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