The Renowned Batwing Jumper

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Our refined illustration of The Batwing Jumper

The Daines Atelier Batwing Jumper is our MOST popular product. Today we’re going to show you WHY our customers are so obsessed with our jumpers and why YOU should be as well.

Firstly, When we started selling at The Frome Independent in April 2019, I began with a very small collection. One cropped jacket, one longer jacket, a pair of trousers, a pair of shorts and a batwing jumper. That was it. As a result, Every time I did the market I learnt something new. What people were most interested, other stories behind their sustainable journies and the obsession behind the Batwing Jumper!

What’s the story of The Batwing Jumper?

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The first-ever jumper I made was grey wool which featured a blue stripe; it was finished off with a red over-locked edge and jersey cuffs. I made this jumper purely because I had received the material by a donation from a friend who didn’t know what to do with it. The red jersey was leftover from my graduate collection. Hence, The irregularity of this wool caused an intricate panelling story and hence… the circular fashion brand commitment began.

After making one and getting so much interest I decided to make another. The best thing about these jumpers was they were all authentic and representative of different personalities. Whenever the right person saw the jumper, you immediately knew as though it had been designed for them.

One of the major reasons why I started Daines Atelier was purely for selfish reasons, I was so fed up of not being able to showcase my personality and emotion through what I was wearing. Clothing on the high-street was just typical influencer clothes. I’ve never seen myself as a ‘girly-girl’ or a ‘tom-boy’ the simply me. This is why the designs I produce never have a connoted gender. They’re gender fluid and representative of the person, not the stereotype.

Returning from my tangent, each jumper has its unique proportions as well. Due to the nature of being a circular fashion brand not wanting to waste fabrics, the sleeve length, the hem length, EVERYTHING; is dependent on the amount of material reclaimed and the shape of the reclaimed piece.

Everything is one of a kind.

One of my favourite things to do is to take five minutes to explore a Daines Atelier garment, each one is limited edition; one of a kind and each present different qualities. Whether it be the panelling on the sleeve, the irregularity of the cuffs. The pleating detail around the neck or even the combination of the materials, you can read a story.

In conclusion, You can browse through our current range of Batwing Jumpers on our Etsy. The Gallery above showcases all jumpers made in 2019.

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Take a look at our Etsy store browse our jumpers

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