Book Of The Month/ April 2020/ Happy By Fearne Cotton

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This a feature I thought I would bring along to blog. More for enjoyment than educational purposes! I’ve been focusing a lot more on my reading since the start of Quarantine and it something that I wish to continue after. So having a monthly book (almost like a Daines Atelier book club!) seemed rather appealing. I will try to read up on educational books surrounding sustainable fashion as well. However, welcome to the first book of the month blog post: Happy By Fearne Cotton.

I have always been a big fan of Fearne Cotton- Especially as a teenager. She always seemed so care-free, chatty, intelligent and living the dream. To discover to have been suffering from depression and an inner anxiety, made me relate to her as a human being. Mental Health is a topic very personal to me and I was in complete admiration at the honesty and perspective which Fearne put into her writing.

The book is split in chapter based around different areas of being ‘Happy’. I read a chapter a day and allowed the words to be thought over and expressed properly in my brain. It wasn’t just reading, it was a therapy session. I am also ecstatic to say that from reading the book it really took me on a path of Enlightenment and cleansed my mind from most of my previous sufferings.

If you suffer from depression or any mental health related issues I would HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It is positively life changing and I’m sure that Fearne is truly unaware of the impact she will and has made to many people.

Alongside reading the book I have also been partaking in Spotify’s Daily Wellness playlists. They are full of podcasts to boost your mood and energy as well as all of your favourite upbeat songs! This is truly incredible what Spotify have been working on and I hope it engages with lots more people to similar to myself. It has now become a part of my morning routine.

Fearne interviews Tom Fletcher from McFly (another person who I was shocked to hear was suffering from Bi-Polar) and in the interview he says: ‘feelings of depression can be triggered by all sorts of things, although in my life they are usually set off by the disappointment of not achieving the impossible goal the ‘high’ me was trying to achieve.’ reading this quote really hit me. I realised that one of my own triggers had come from setting myself the task of mission impossible, agreeing to things which were impossible for the value being given and overall stressing myself out for no purpose. It really helped me to focus on the mistakes I had made in previous projects and for people and it was really down to me having this unrealistic perspective of myself and being needed to be bought back down to earth.

So overall… I rate the book 5 stars! It certainly was life impacting in for me and my Mummy has just got me the next two in the series so that I can return to them if I ever find myself in another low and depressive moment.

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