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Daines Atelier are a sustainable fashion brand, creating one-off garments from hand-picked vintage textiles. Every year over 206 tonnes of textile waste (in the UK alone) is thrown away. We are on a mission to refashion rather than waste. To celebrate slow fashion and the beauty of craftmanship.

Everything at Daines Atelier is pattern-cut, sourced and sewn in Frome, Somerset. By Evie- The designer and seamstress behind Daines Atelier.

I wanted to introduce myself to you. I am Evie, the founder of Daines Atelier. A small fashion brand based in Frome, Somerset on a mission to change our perspective on the current climate of the fashion industry.

Back in 2015-2018, I studied Fashion Atelier at The University for the Creative Arts. The course focused on the traditional production side to fashion, familiarly known as Slow Fashion. The prospectus included Creative Pattern Cutting and Tailoring (taught by former Savile Row tailor Alan) which produced the skills I now implement into my design process.

Working with Vintage Textiles and Remnants is a dream; as it means I can continue my love for Flea Markets and Thrift Shopping on the regular. These textiles always have a story behind them, which I want to replicate through the garments they become.

As an androgynous individual, my brand maintains unisex sizing, non-stereotypical silhouettes and designs. I have always wanted to express my individuality through my clothing and I am proud that I am now able to, alongside so many more of my customers at Daines Atelier.

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