How we keep our promise of being a Circular Fashion Brand.

You probably hear the word Circular Fashion Brand green washes loads across the industry. For example, ASOS launched a circular collection in September 2020. In conclusion it has been ruled complete BS. Sophie Benson writes a fantastic argument on this on The Independent.

The irony is that ”this collection represents just 0.035 per cent of the brand’s 85,000-strong product offering.” (from Sophie Benson’s article) and here at Daines Atelier we can guarantee that 100% of our collections are circular.

Watch the collaboration video below between WITH Lola to learn more about our message.

so what do we pride ourselves in to be a Circular Fashion Brand?

Firstly, we still use traditional techniques when it comes to sewing our collections. This includes cutting out by hand and chalking out sizing. Hand selecting the highest quality materials we can find. Undergoing a hefty fitting process with every style we introduce, and even using a sewing machine; including hand sewn finishes.

Secondly, we used preloved textiles from charitable sources and reclaim materials which are likely to be thrown away. Hence, this makes our rand circular as we omit the ’going to landfill ’ aspect in favour for upcycling and giving a second lease of life. This means that we do a lot of upcycling within our production line.

Also, we source deadstock materials from reliable sources. We guarantee we do use, once again, greenwashing companies who overproduce their stock purposely. We wrote an article on this not too long ago. Read here.

Thirdly, we aim to avoid nylon materials in our products. Some products may feature nylon. but this will be because it is second hand and we can see the longevity and quality in the material. Washing materials containing plastics contribute microplastics into our ecosystem. There is a great documentary called A Plastic Ocean which I would highly recommend watching.

A lot of our garments feature zero waste. Take a look.

Also, we commit to a zero waste policy in our garments. We tend to use a lot of remnant materials as we hate to see these go to waste. You will notice in most of our garments there will be the selvedge edge still in tack, or a sleeve is panelled in multiple ways. This is to ensure that we use up as much material as possible from the garment and produce minimal waste.

As a result of using up as much material as possible. we focus on technical pattern cutting with all our garments. which means they use as much material as possible and are also size inclusive.

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