Cirkel x Loanhood Rental Pop-up in London

We are a big fan of rental fashion. So we’re so excited to be popping up on South Molton Street near to Bond Street Station with Loanhood and The Cirkel from the 30th March 2023 and 31st March 2023 with a Thursday Night Launch Party sponsored by Punchy Drinks and Moth Drinks.

Cirkel Loanhood London Pop Up for Sustainable Rental Fashion

Daines Atelier are so excited to be represented by Loanhood who will be showcasing 5 of our garments. The items are available to buy or loan. Including the Upcycled Denim Tailcoat previously worn by Ms Castorides! We’re so excited to be able to showcase our work to London and make our mark on the city.

Why should you Rent Clothing?

Are you tired of constantly buying new clothes to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends? Do you wish there was a more sustainable and cost-effective way to stay stylish without breaking the bank? Look no further than clothing rental services. Renting clothing is an innovative and practical solution to the wasteful and expensive cycle of fast fashion. Not only does it allow you to experiment with different styles and brands without committing to a purchase, but it also reduces textile waste and promotes a circular economy. In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons why you should consider renting clothing for your wardrobe needs. So, why should you rent clothing? Let’s dive in!

Rental Clothing Means You Can Follow Trends.

Do you just love scrolling on Instagram (on that note you should follow us @dainesatelier ) and seeing what your favourite influencers are wearing or perhaps stumbling across an ad but not prepared to break your bank?

Rentals means that you can follow trends and pick out items that you know will be eye-catching. Wanting to try out Cottagecore? or maybe even Streetwear? Renting can help you figure our your own style through trends and discover exactly what you like.

You No Longer Need To Break The Bank For A Special Occassion.

First comes the excitement of being invited to an event, Second comes the dread of having to find something to wear and Third comes the realisation that your bank account is not going to be very happy. Apps like Loanhood mean that you can rent an item out for a week from £25 or more. Meaning that the heavy price of the price tag exists no longer.

Even better, we know that the garment is going to be worn over and over again without the guilt of a one-time wear purchase.

Renting Out Your Wardrobe is a Great Source of Passive Income.

We’re all looking for new ways to earn and save money. Renting out your wardrobe can easily become a source of passive income, plus you don’t have to get rid of your items forever. Bonus is you earn so extra cash.

Using an App like Loanhood makes it so EASY to do, you simply upload your photo and retail price and then it will do the rest for you. All you have to do is wait for that rental notification, post the item and wait for it to come back! Easy.

See you there!

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