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We have included a list of our frequently asked questions below. If we have not answered your question below then feel free to reach out.

No. Our studio is private working spacing and does not operate as a store-front or as a workshop. It is our working environment for running a small business. The Silk Mill Studios is a private space and the other businesses only allow visitors by invite only.

If you wish to browse any of our clothing then please visit Poot Emporium or Strike Belin, Our Stockists.

As a Zero-Waste Brand we do not get off-cut materials. If we do they are recycled or donated to local school projects.

We currently to not offer any permanent contracts within our company as we work alongside freelancers due to the workload we typically have on offer is not very great. If you want to be included on our list of outreach freelancers then please send a copy of your CV and Cover Letter to

If you are a student or recent graduate looking for internship opportunities, then please see more information on our Work Placements and Internships Page.

Yes. But unfortunately we are unable to offer these services for free unless based with a charity/ non-profit organisation. Please Contact us with any information.

We also offer University Lectures as Experts in Sustainable Fashion Textiles and in Working with Vintage Textiles. Please do also reach out.

No. We only offer commissions for our set styles at Daines Atelier. You can browse our Commission styles here. It is not viable to offer these services as the time and expectations surrounding these services is too great an unattainable by our business.

We also DO NOT offering toiling or pattern cutting services, or advice on how to sew your own ideas. If you wish to learn any of these skills then please get in contact with Millie Moon.

No. We do not offer alterations. Daines Atelier do not have the facilities or correct machinery to be able to offer alterations to the general public. This includes repairs.

We ONLY offer alterations on our own garments which do not becoming a restyling of the garment. This means changing the silhouette drastically, Adding in features which we DO NOT offer on our current style ranges. We do also NOT remove panelling from garments to change them to another.

We only offer ONE alteration per customer on any of our own garments and any further requests will be charges at £20 an hour.

No. We specialise in Clothing Manufacturing and not Upholstery or Accessories.

No. Firstly, we do not have the necessary experience to teach young people to sew. Secondly, we do not have the facilities to offer these services. Thirdly, Our background in sewing and how to company works is not domesticated, we work as a slow fashion business utilising contemporary couture or tailoring techniques, as well as working from industrial machinery.

Sewing is a very broad subject and has many different levels and sub-categories to techniques, which means transferring or teaching skills is not as straight forward as just hosting a class.

We recommend that you reach out to Millie Moon for any queries relating to sewing classes.

No. We do not offer these services. But if you are local to Frome we recommend reaching out to the group Every One Needs Pockets at The Future Shed. The talented members of this group will definitely be able to offer some assistance! For all enquiries contact Sue Palmer, or Jill Philips,

Yes. We do accept Fabric Donations from the general public. If the fabric is unsuitable for our company we will share the materials within our network or donate to projects being done at Everyone Needs Pockets. For all enquiries at Everyone Needs Pockets contact Sue Palmer, or Jill Philips,

We CANNOT offer payment for the materials. We hold ourselves to a high-standard of the quality of fabric that we work and out source ourselves in collaboration with specific textile collectors. Not all fabric will be suitable for our brand and we do not have the budget to offer payment to the general public.

When trading with Non-Profit organisations we do have payment exchanges as the money returns to a charitable source and impacts our local area successfully.

No. We do not offer any private classes for sewing. We recommend attending a class at Millie Moon alternatively.

No. Daines Atelier do not run any workshops local to your area. In the future we will be co-hosting workshops at events. But we do not offer this service. We will also not host one-off workshops in a specific region if requested by the general public.

As a start-up brand we currently have a multitude of responsibilities to keep to and unfortunately do not have the time or resources to run workshops in a one-off or ongoing manner.

We only do workshops when it is in a collaboration with a different host from ourselves. To stay updated with events like this. Please join our newsletter below.

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If you reach out to us on our instagram direct messages we can try to offer some advice to whatever project you may be working on, But please understand that we are not domestic seamstresses and do no work to a domestic pattern. We also recommend reaching out to the shop at where you received the project from or the company who invented the product as they will be able to offer clearer advice.