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The Daines Atelier Re-Loved Collection

Our first launched collection has been at The Frome Independent since its launch; it focuses on authenticity, sustainable design and implementing circular product development. We wanted to focus our first collection on exploring different techniques to ensure that we had zero-waste with every product. We also wanted to elevate the stigma around up-cycled clothing being tacky, ensuring that every design is to a high quality and different to anything seen before. The collection focuses on YOU. What would an Eco-warrior like yourself want to invest in? What would someone with a busy lifestyle want to be able to throw on and still look trendy? What is something you can wear to get your friends talking and interested? We’ve answered your requirements.

Head over to our Sustainable Style Store and browse our latest products! We constantly have more dropping due to the nature of them being one-of-a-kind items. Read below to discover more about our process.

The process behind Designing and Sourcing Materials

Each garment we design derivates from our patterns. Each Silhouette is carefully curated to be able to fit a variety of different body types, with remaining flattering and comfortable. We design we no assigned gender in mind, this allows each garment to speak its own story.
Our initial inspirations for the collection came from research into everyday street style and garments which are functional in keeping with your daily life. Olivia Frost from @oliviabynature on Instagram was an influence on what kind of garments we wanted to make.

Sourcing Materials
Our main locations for hunting materials are through second-hand stores, by donation or through a dead stock material website. Investing in these different sources aids our circular economy production line.
We handpick our materials based on their quality and colour story. We want to ensure that every single garment is made from the fabric of the highest standards. We then decide what garment type it would be most suitable for.
All of our materials are prewashed at a low temperature on a short cycle to allow for any shrinkage, contamination and previous ownership which main be retained.


The Atelier Studio in Action, The Making Process

Cutting Out
Each Garment is cut out individually. You will notice that panelling something that makes each garment limited edition. We cut out the material to the panel, but to ensure zero-waste within our work we use all of the material to piece together the different sections which make up the silhouette.
The amount of material we source will determine the size of the garment. This means that every garment will be targeted at a different size grouping. Making it rarer to find.

Preparing The Material and Sewing Together
The best practice we have found for putting together the panels of the garments is to overlock the raw edges so that they can be sewn together. We source our threads the same as material and use them until the end of the reel. This means every garment has a unique colour story and river to follow inside.
We then follow our guidelines on sewing the garments together, allowing the garment panel shaping to create shapes on the garment. We test out are garment at every stage either on a mannequin or human body to ensure it is comfortable to wear.

Hand Finishing and Final Touches
We finalise seams and fold by hand sewing the final sections. Every garment has final quality control check before its final Daines Atelier, Size (we measure up the widths and compare to our sizing charts) and care labels are hand-stitched inside.
A big press on the iron is commenced and we add our product tags and throw all of our love at the garment.

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