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So What’s Our Story? We Create Sustainable Style for Everyday Life.

We are a renowned Eco-conscious sustainable brand creating limited edition bespoke garments. Creating a combination of Menswear, Womenswear and Gender Fluid products which are suitable for anyone living a hectic lifestyle who needs some comfortable, stylish and niche to wear.
We like to focus on the morals of you as our client, wanting something kind to the planet and circular economy clothing. You are kind so our clothing is kind.
Daines Atelier offers a range of different garments, including our limited edition batwing jumpers, which are made from vintage materials or upcycled garments to reduce the carbon footprint of your wardrobe. Conscious of the effects of the fast fashion industry, we want to make a change.

The Journey Behind Daines Atelier…
Daines Atelier started off Alterations and Custom Garment’s specialists back in 2018. Since obtaining the skills from studying a degree in Fashion Atelier from The University for Creative Arts, the skill basis was already there.
December 2018 and Daines Atelier obtained a studio at The Silk Mill Studios in Frome Somerset. Ready to begin the next part of their entrepreneurial journey.
Alongside Alterations came experimentation into a collection of materials which had been collected over the years. Any avid seamstress’ will understand that once you fall in love with a material… you just have to buy it!
Discovering this found love for creating in a sustainable way led to the development of a few more products, in April 2019 Daines Atelier was offered a place The Frome Independent and the journey began!
Alongside doing alterations, waitressing and making garments ready for the market day- it was safe to safe everything was getting a bit hectic and difficult to manage.
The announcement of a global pandemic and lock down in March 2020, allowed some time to reflect over the journey which Daines Atelier had taken and some time to make some decisions on what direction everything should go in.
In April 2020 it was concluded that Daines Atelier would no longer offer alterations, But would work to give knowledge on slow and sustainable fashion and to create garments which committed to being part of the circular fashion revolution.
“The question I ask myself almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’” — Mark Zuckerberg

Meet The Team- Daines Atelier- Evie Daines
Meet The Team- Daines Atelier- Evie Daines
Daines Atelier Working at University
Daines Atelier Working at University

I’m Evie Daines, Founder of Daines atelier.

Back in 2018, I graduated from the University for the Creative Arts with a First Class Bachelor Honours in Fashion Atelier. University had allowed me to complete an internship at Aitor Throup (When he was creative director of G-Star Raw) in Amsterdam, we worked on the collection Autobiography which was a collaboration with Wayne McGregor. I then got to see the performance in London at the Sadlers Well, it was incredible.
My final graduate collection focused on tailoring and menswear, sourcing my materials in London and New York made me aware of the impact on the environment and how necessary is it truly to be constantly using brand new materials? My final collection got shown at Graduate Fashion Week and was also shortlisted.
Since graduating I worked for a small sustainable company in Lyme Regis temporarily and up in Glasgow for Ingles Buchan in their textile department.
I moved back home to Wiltshire and I fell in love with my current partner. Gross, I am very aware. I started constantly rewriting my portfolio, applying for jobs in the industry and had zero luck. I have then commissioned a bespoke garment. And so the journey begins.
At the beginning of 2019 I took over studio 5 at The Silk Mill, my commissions and alterations had grown so I was able to maintain the studio. I began working on some pieces of clothing for myself, made from vintage materials and my fabric collection.
With only three garments made I was invited to sell at The Frome Independent, and I have been there since. My friend Emily Perry created a launch party in Cardiff and so the journey of Daines Atelier began.

Clothing should be made with LOVE and not unethical labour.

There’s no need to feel guilty about the Clothing in your wardrobe.

We do not need to use new materials when reclaimed materials can be just as beautiful.

Traditional Workmanship and Skills still exist!

An item of clothing should be worn a thousand times and not just for the occasion.

Not all youths are causing havoc on the streets… some of us are causing it in our studio!

About The Team

As a Graduates r from The University for the Creative Arts and Bath university, with an ambition to fight the current unethical and unsustainable footprint of the Fashion Industry. We aim to educate on the importance of buying into local and small business’ and at how you can make a difference with climate change through your wardrobe.

With a passion for sustainability, looking fabulous and breaking the stigma of graduates in the workplace. We create clothing suitable for all genders and shapes and sizes, using our sustainable practices and local craftsmanship.

An investment into the brand is an investment into making the world a much more sunny place!

Get To know the Team Better. Please Note we all currently work on a voluntary basis due to the start-up of the company.

Meet Anisah Rahman (Top Left) She is in charge of Communications and is a general assistant. Part of the sales team, design team, cleaning team? You name it, Anisah is a well rounded assistant in the team.

Meet Amy West (Top Right) She is an Assistant Designer and Garment Tech within the team. Working with a vast number of fashion brands, she’s one to watch.

Meet Tia Treherne (Bottom Left) She is Photographer and Social Media Content driving. Taking all of the look-book and website image and ensuring quality is met. She also makes a mean Mac N Cheese.

Meet Emily Perry (Bottom Right) She is our Event Planner and Social Media Marketer (in the future!) She is currently completing her masters at UWE.

What We Stand For.

  • Sustainability- In a climate where the Fast Fashion Industry is self-destructing to poor labour, water pollution, textile waste and poor quality. We corrupt these principles to produce the best sustainable garments around.
  • Innovation- Using reclaimed materials, creative pattern cutting and our imagination. We are able to create one-off pieces which their own signature styles and shapes. Something you will not see on the high-street or anyone else.
  • Craftsmanship- Traditional Textiles skills such as pattern-cutting, tailoring techniques and hand-sewn finishing’s. A rarity for any contemporary garment.

Read more about our Guarantee here.

Daines Atelier are Based at The Silk Mill Studios in Frome.

‘Silk Mill Studios operates from one of the best preserved former textile mills in the south-west of England. We exist primarily to provide studio space for working artists, but also to offer a range of additional arts services, including hire of our exceptional atmospheric gallery space. We have full disabled access to the gallery and its services.’ From the Silk Mill Studios Website.

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Head over to our Webstore and browse our latest products! Remember that they’re all one-of-a-kind, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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