The Archive: Graduate Collections.

For the first post of The Archive we will take a look at all of the work which was produced while I was studying at The University for the Creative Arts in Kent. These Garments were produced from 2015-2018.

If you wish to purchase one of the garments pictured please get in contact with us directly through the contact page.

APOLLO- Shirts and Collars.

First year group project at University which involved creating a six piece shirt collection with market research alongside. Ailsa McQuade, Melanie Sunday and Amy Croker were my team members. The concept for the project was “Post-Modernism” which was currently on exhibition at the Tate Modern. Our target market was the androgynous circles which are currently becoming more common.

Models: Salem Eris (Cider Goblin), Tinuke Hypolite, Christina Jung, Leo Tsao, Amy Crocker, Evie Daines.

Photographer: RIley Smith

When The Mods Rioted in Budapest- The Tailoring Atelier.

Bespoke tailoring techniques taught at the University for The Creative Arts by Alan (Previous Tailor on Savile Row for Hardy Amie, who sadly passed away in 2019. he was a talented kind and incredible man). Showcasing a womenwear tailored Jacket and Trousers titled “When the Mods Rioted in Budapest.” The two garments took over ten weeks to complete through a toiling to final garment process. I also printed my own lining from drawings I had completed on a trip to Budapest. This work was exhibited in the Zandra Rhodes Gallery at UCA Rochester from the 7th-24th February 2017.

Model: Grace Elliot

Photography: Tia Treherne Photography.

Shoes: Megan Cleasby and Lisa Marchioli

Blitz Nightclub- The Flou

Inspired by the androgynous style featured in the Blitz Nightclub during the 1980s. The flou project involved the notion gender fluidity by using typically feminine associated drapery techniques in a more masculine manner. The shirt was created with drape work and the jacket by manipulating fabric into a weave.

Model: Salem Eris (Cider Goblin)

Backdrop: Megan Cleasby

Photographer: Georgia Plomer

2084- Graduate Collection

‘2084’- Inspired by the Black Bloc protest movement in Germany as well as Banksy’s once controversial, but still provocative graffiti work; a dystopian future awaits those who govern with a totalitarian mind-set. Creating the need to express an authentic individuality, the collection articulates notions of distinctiveness and evolving forms conveyed through creative pattern cutting. Integrating iconic structures such as the backpack into traditional tailored garments for dissident boundary pushing menswear.

Photographer: Brad Lowe

Models: Derrick Appiah and Beige.

If you would like to view even more photos of these collections. Take a look at my Art-Threads Profile.

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The best day ever! The Daines Atelier Sustainable Fashion Sale.

Wow what a day! The Daines Atelier Big Sale and Competition on the 22nd May 2020 was huge success on Instagram. It was all because of you that it was so incredible! The amount of support towards the Sustainable Fashion movement was uncanny and it is great to see so many interested in having a conscious wardrobe.

Look at the video below to see some of the gorgeous items which went on sale… I miss them all already.

We listed 15 items and only have 1 left- Which is the scout’s honours shorts. (Still available to purchase in June 2020!) This was completely unexpected, and I feel overwhelmed and humbled by all the love and support. At one point I had three people fighting over the same item.

A lot of love and care goes into making every item. it is quite the hefty process! Read more about this here: Our Products and Process

I’ve attached some photos below with all the garments which when on sale. Let’s call this now the archive.

We have lots of exciting launches and line-drops coming soon. which loads of new Sustainable Fashion. So stay in contact through social media or our mailing list to ensure that you never miss out on another announcement!

We also received a lot of lovely reviews from the sale.

Absolutely gorgeous top and beautifully made, gorgeous colours aswell <3. Completely recycled packaging really lovely to see no plastic waste.- Zoe Bamsey

She hates handbags but when I saw this – I knew she’d like it. My daughter loves this bag. Thank you Evie xx – Teresa Richardson

Do you love the pieces in the sale and want to take a look at some more? Not to worry! Head over to our Etsy store and browse more of the items we sew!

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