How and Where do we source our Material?

sustainable style, reclaimed materials, vintage materials, charity

Have you ever wondered how we source our material to make our garments? Well, it can be quite the process!

Ensuring the individuality and authenticity of garments requires one-off deadstock and vintage materials to create the perfect garment for you.

In conclusion, We NEVER create the same garment twice- honestly. it’s impossible. being a circular fashion company means that we are reclaiming materials and not letting them go to waste.

I wanted to talk to you through the details and material source story behind the minty fresh hoodie.

sustainable style, reclaimed materials, vintage materials, charity
Daines Atelier Minty Fresh Hoodie *Sustainable Style, Boxy Silhouette, Velvet*

The Shape:

The Minty Fresh hood was a little experiment of mine! Incorporating pattern work from both the Batwing Jumper and the Cropped Jacket Silhouette. The main challenge was getting the garment over the head, a quarter zip seemed to work perfectly.

Both patterns were designed with zero-waste in mind so that they would take up as much of a piece of material and not be wasteful.

The Silk:

Was from a purchase from Dorothy House. I have always loved silk- But the process behind the production it can be extremely cruel. So whenever I spot a piece second-hand, I have to save it. Silk Is a difficult material to work with and its rigid structure as it can be difficult to form beautiful fitting clothes.

sustainable brand, eco concious, fashion revolution, artist
Daines Atelier Minty Fresh Hoodie *one-of-a-kind, sustainable style, silk. panelling*

The Velvet:

The felt came from a furnishing shop in Frome who had a Deadstock end of rail sale section! The second I spotted the roll of velvet I knew I needed it! It feels incredible, I can’t explain it. Catches the light beautifully and best of all it’s sustainable!

green, velvet, hoodie, sustainable hoodie, oversized, boxy, unisex, genderfluid
The Daines Atelier Minty Fresh Hoodie *sustainable clothing, dead stock material, sustainable fashion, circular fashion*

The Wadded Material:

A pop-up shop came to my home town in Warminster with loads of end of roll material, off-cuts and more! I collected a large stack of materials from the off-cuts and this wadded section was among. The wadded section was the primary basis for the hoodie. So its original panelling is from the off-cut itself. I love how the panels tell a story and become a map on the body.

I made sure to keep the selvedge edges from this material to finish off the hem of the garment.

upcycle, recycle, repurpose, circular production, circular fashion, sustainable brand
Daines Atelier Minty Fresh Hoodie *limited edition, boxy silhouette, velvet, selvedge, upcycle*

The Zip:

I was doing my regular charity/thrift shop rounds when my local Age Uk was selling a LOT of Haberdashery. When I say I spent hours rummaging, I mean I spent hours rummaging! Collecting lots of different zips, elastics and fastenings. I now have a large collection at my studio which I have been using on projects.

zero waste, circular fashion, sustainable brand, eco brand, one-of-a-kind
Daines Atelier Minty fresh hoodie *close-up, detail, sewing, velvet, wadded, zero waste*

The Threads:

Facebook Marketplace is where you find all of the thread! In the space of a week, I once found two sellers with loads of thread to offer. A common detail inside of our garments is the colour-contrasting/matched threads which compliment the colour scheme of the garment. Buying new threads constantly for projects seems un-necessary. I would much rather unravel the thread to its spindle!

Every single garment at Daines Atelier always has a large story to tell! Especially when it comes to the material source. With every garment being unique it can be sometimes difficult to keep track of every journey! But all of our garments hold a special place in our own hearts as well as yours.

sustainable brand, sustainable style, cute, edgy clothing
Daines Atelier Minty Fresh Hoodie *boxy silhouette, green, velvet hoodie, gender fluid*
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