How can a Small Fashion Brand commit to being zero waste??

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After listening to the common threads podcast discussion zero-waste. I wanted to open up more into our process and how we ensure sustainability is a factor in the whole process.

Who made your clothes? Oh… I did. Ongoing with our #shoptransparent campaign.

Zero Waste Handmade Clothing UK Deadstock Materials
Using Deadstock Materials to create Batwing Jumper.


When we are designing a new garment for Daines Atelier we are really focused on ensuring that the garment is timeless, oversized and designed with zero waste in mind. As a result, You will notice that a lot of our garments are not right fitting. This is because we want to use as much material as possible from our remnant pieces.

I always design with the material I gravitate towards. Whether it be a corduroy, Jersey or cotton.

Material detail shot of orange acrylic jumper and tartan with raw selvedge edge committing to a zero waste design

Fabric Sourcing

All of our materials are sourced locally from second-hand shops, by donation or from reliable UK based fabric retailers selling deadstock online.

Our search is focused on quality. We want materials which we know will be durable, easy to wash/clean and with as little damage as possible.

Our favourite thing about fabric sourcing is hunting for materials with little unique details on the selvedge, writing from previous manufactures or even the labelling.

Creating the Pattern

The pattern is designed with straight edges in mind, to get the most out of our materials and their details. We also ensure that our designs can be easily changed for sizing, length or to be adaptable into a new pattern. We want to minimise waste as much as possible.

Sizing is done by grading on the pattern so that we are not wasting paper resources. Everything we make will end up being to different size specifications because the sizing is based around the size of initial materials.

circular fashion sustainable clothing daines atelier
Daines Atelier Sewing Studio Space at The Silk Mill in Frome

Cutting Out the garment

Everything is done in house at our silk mill premise. A common feature of a Daines Atelier garment is the panelling which comes from remnant materials. A garment becomes a puzzle alongside it’s original patterning and design. The pattern is chalked onto the material and the panelling is built up. Alongside it gets sewn together.

When cutting out we keep any selvedge edges or strange shapes which are already cut into the material. This is seen as a celebration of craftmanship.

Craft Etsy Store working at silk mill studios sewing
Daines Atelier sewing at The Silk Mill Studios Frome

Sewing the garments together.

Typically garments are overlooked and then straight stitched together. Using such a variety of different materials and having such random panelling, calls for a straightforward approach.

We are unable to do a testing approach on what seems should be used due to a lack of fabric resource with the garment. This is so that we can ensure it’s zero waste.

We use reclaimed sewing threads. This is why you will notice an irregularity for the thread colours inside. Although a palette in keeping with the chosen fabric is kept.

A lot of time and care is taken to enduring that the finished product has a quality and long lasting finish.

checkout , sustainable brand, revolution, sustainable revolution, clothing company, frome, somerset, fashion brand
Fashion Revolution Week- Who Made My Clothes? Asking brands the story behind production and where their clothing comes from.

Final Checks

Before any of the labels are sewn onto the garments, a final check is undergone to ensure that everything is beautifully together. there’s no loose threads and the garment fits well. We also measure the garment for size.

The name of the garment is decided based upon inspiration. Also, what the materials of the fabric reminds us all of.

Circular fashion brand promise guarantee shop independent handmade uk based

Your Guarantee with every Daines Atelier Garment.

With every Daines Atelier garment it is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. Using reclaimed remnants and vintage materials means that we only make one.

The uniqueness of something sustainable with it’s process. to only have one in stock is something which is rarely seen. There is also a guarantee of local craftsmanship and care.

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