How far have your buying habits travelled?

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A flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles is around 5,400 miles; my buying habits each year are worth 3.7 many of those journies. Considering my habits consist of a 100% second-hand wardrobe and repairing broken garments, this shocked me. However, on the chart of my Fashion Footprint, my score is low. Even though I contribute 593 lbs of CO2 annually, the average will contribute 1620 lbs of CO2. All of this information was found at

One thing that shocked me is the lack of society who will be even attempting to invest in buying clothing from a charity shop, repairing the hole in their jacket OR just not overindulging.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint would be to shop from Depop. Even though the garments will be posted to you, they are at a fraction of the cost to a fast-fashion retailer. Another option is to shop through ASOS Marketplace; A dream location for thrifty finds and smaller retailers.

What important things should you be looking at to improve your buying habits?

It is also important when purchasing new clothing to avoid clothing high in Polyester. When these materials are washed small plastic particles will enter your washing machine and enter the main water systems. I also opt for a Wool material- to keep me warm in the winter months, or Cotton- prefered if organic but breathable and lightweight.

Second-hand denim is also incredible, where it has been previously worn into you will never find a pair of denim jeans as comfortable ever again. A new pair of jeans will contribute 9,000 litres of water wastage to be made- why waste more water?

How are we sustainable?

At Daines Atelier; Sustainable Fashion is our middle name (Daines Sustainable Fashion Atelier-nice ring). We hunt out materials which have already got their hefty lbs and instead of letting the material go to landfill we give it a second chance at life.
We are a sustainable fashion brand based in the UK and hand-make everything in Frome.

For example, going back to denim. Our ‘10,000 litres of re-used denim jacket’ incorporates 3 pairs of jeans which were going to be thrown away. The jacket features the original pocketing, fastening and trouser legs. A truly unique and one-of-a-kind jacket which you will never see anyone else wearing.

This Jacket has been one of our show-stoppers and its clear its environmental impact is why. All of our garments contribute to a zero-waste policy, recycle textiles and are versatile. If you love this jacket it is still available to buy on our Etsy for £80.

Head over to our sustainable style shop.

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