How to care for a hand-sewn item (No robot machines here)

hand washing, care label, sustainable fashion, one of a kind

How to care for a hand-sewn item (No robot machines here)

Hand-sewn are garments are very different to something which you might find on the high street. Every stitch tells a story and contains a lot of love. The techniques we use a more traditional and the process is a lot slower in comparison to a high-street company. So, we ask that you take a lot more care in looking after your garments than you might with a high-street item which is designed to be thrown around a washing machine for hours on end.

Stitches aren’t the strongest, especially using reclaimed threads the qualities can differ. You need to witty with your needle and repair a hole once it is noticed. We like to think that this adds to the characteristic and love you might be giving to your garment.

hand washing, care label, sustainable fashion, one of a kind
An image of a Daines Atelier Care label


I really cannot stress this enough. I once was commissioned to make a lady a beautiful dress, however she boils washed her garment causing it to shrink and to be damaged. You must treat your garment with affection. Washing on a low temperature for a short amount of time or even better handwashing. We make our own estimates as to the best washing instructions based on the type of material. But because of the nature of one-of-a-kind garments we can’t undergo an experimental process for every single garment.

Most of the fabrics we reclaim(Deadstock: A Quick Guide to Clothing Sustainability )will have small holes, or weaker areas due to their age. If you start to notice damage, REPAIR! There are many create embroidery tutorials or even a small piece of bonda web can fix the smallest of holes. Get creative and continue the circular fashion movement!

Avoid Tumble drying and allow your clothing to air dry. This will allow any creases to fall (so less ironing) and less damage from being thrown around your tumble dryer at dangerous heats.

How do you care for your handmade garments? We would love to hear! Send us a message on social media with your hints and tips! Head over to Instagram to chat with us.

Anisah Rahman Handsewing a Daines Atelier Garment.

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