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Daines Atelier Review Independent Business Ipseity from London. Read more below.

“Ipseity are a London-based multichannel platform for fashion’s best and most unique upcoming designers. A go-to place for unique and ethical fashion pieces.

Ipseity brings to life the promise of sustainability and ingenuity: We curate unique pieces for truly individual individuals. We practice inclusive exclusivity by working with carefully selected designers and thinkers from all around the world to curate capsule collections showcasing unique and handmade pieces.

We believe that art and talent can be found even in the most remote parts of the world. We embrace the diversity that our designers across the globe bring into Ipseity

Ipseity was first launched in May 2018 at an exclusive event in Shoreditch London, with over hundred people joining the celebration. Jane Marle, founder of Ipseity believes that her concept brand allows customers to experience the individuality that they would like to see in themselves, and on themselves. It’s this process that gives them a real story to tell that is longer than one word when they are asked where they got their unique pieces.” From the flyer within the parcel.


I was astonished to be the winner of Ipseity giveaway competition! As you all are aware even though we are a sustainable brand, we LOVE to support other businesses which envision the same mission which we do. The community of the slow and sustainable fashion world is truly remarkable.

I was absolutely in love with the exterior of the parcel before I had even opened it. Parcel tape branding is also a HUGE yes! I was very happy with how eco-friendly and recyclable the packaging is. Which makes the company even more attractive to purchase from.

Inside featured a Nadia Fakhoury dust bag, which enclosed my giveaway tote bag. It was highly noticeable the quality of the products and care that has been put into the customer service. I am excited to use the dust bag for my shoes!

Nadia Fakhoury is an illustrator from Paris and the product was made in France. It was lovely to be able to see the manufacturing story behind the tote bag, the bag was made in Delhi but printed in the Bastille Paris district. The bag has a durable weight and is beautifully sewn and put together. Something which you know is going to last a very long time. Also, the illustration of the owl is adorable and perfect for keeping an outfit casual.

Enclosed was also a card of authenticity (nice touch!) Two postcards (one which a promo code which I won’t giveaway.) and another which a handwritten message to say congratulations.

Lastly in the parcel was an Ipseity newspaper, including an A-Z of words which designer the company and lookbook from the different designers who are stocked within the store.

I feel humbled to have been sent such a beautiful bag and box full of goodies. I would 100% recommend to any followers of Daines Atelier to follow and browse their store as well. Also, every product sold plants a tree!

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