International Womens Day- Support Frome’s Female Business Foudners.

International women day, support female founders in Frome Somerset

It’s International Womens Day. A day to celebrate all the ladies who are working extremely hard. Whether it be running their businesses, supporting their families, or even being the world’s greatest cat Mum… You are INCREDIBLE.

Daines Atelier are a Female Founded Business. By myself, Evie Daines.

I wanted to introduce myself to you. I am Evie, the founder of Daines Atelier. A small fashion brand based in Frome, Somerset on a mission to change our perspective on the current climate of the fashion industry.

Back in 2015-2018, I studied Fashion Atelier at The University for the Creative Arts. The course focused on the traditional production side to fashion, familiarly known as Slow Fashion. The prospectus included Creative Pattern Cutting and Tailoring (taught by former Savile Row tailor Alan) which produced the skills I now implement into my design process.

so, Working with Vintage Textiles and Remnants is a dream; as it means I can continue my love for Flea Markets and Thrift Shopping on the regular. These textiles always have a story behind them, which I want to replicate through the garments they become.

As an androgynous individual, my brand maintains unisex sizing, non-stereotypical silhouettes and designs. I have always wanted to express my individuality through my clothing and I am proud that I am now able to, alongside so many more of my customers at Daines Atelier.

The Female Founded Businesses of Frome.

Hence, Holly Tucker launched the #thisiswhatafemalefounderlookslike and being surrounded by so many incredible #femalefounder in #Frome alone. I thought I would share with you the local ladies inspiring me every single day.

Celie Photo- Fromes finest Branding Photographer.

Relaxed and Friendly Photographic Sessions in a beautiful location of your choice. Showcase your business to it’s highest potential with imagery which speaks a thousand words.

Celie works with natural lighting and captures you in your finest moments while doing or talking about what your most passionate about.

If you’re nervous to be in front of a camera, or even to have your face at the forefront of your business. Celie will enable you to ooze with confidence to be the face of your own brand.

This woman is a QUEEN. Recently taking the plunge to start her venture in doing what makes her happiest- Photography. Her mission is to work alongside small businesses and showcase them through branded photographs.

But damn, you should see the smiles she captures of these small business owners (especially the #femalefounders ) she can show passion, joy, hard work and so much more through her imagery. Showing the female is the future.

Owner of The Silk Mill and Campaigner for Mayday Saxonvale.

The Silk Mill studios hosts over 22 artists within the community of Frome (including us). It also has a gallery hosting regular events such as weddings, exhibitions and more.

Mayday Saxonvale, a community led master plan happening in Frome. Offering an alternative to current plans for the Saxonvale site in favour of the individuals of Frome.

Kate Moore is quite literally the female powerhouse of Frome. Hosting an art event? She will be there. Need somewhere to work from? She’s got somewhere. Need somewhere to stay? She’s also got you. Women supporting women. I believe that Kate is the creator of that quote.

As well as running the Silk Mill Studios, the artistic hub of Frome, supporting small established and up-and-coming arts-related businesses. She is also on a mission to SAVE Frome.
Fighting against the town council to stop an unfit housing development and to put in place something which will lead to jobs, community, and more for the town of Frome. Kate is at the forefront of the campaign giving the Frome community the voice it deserves.

Wellbeing through your gut and through Kindness. Get Pickled care about all of you.

Food that is good for your gut and the planet? Yes you heard that right. Get Pickled curates the most delicious fermented pickles which compliment all of your meals. As well as committing to being a zero-waste business. They also offer workshops to educate you further in your gut health.

Paula is always there for you. Even though I believe that she is quite possibly the busiest woman on the planet! Alongside educating everyone on the importance of gut health and using your food waste. She is hosting regular Charity Campaigns (see @kievs4kyiv and #cookforukraine), supporting artists in curated market spaces, being everyone’s cheerleader and the world’s greatest Mum. She’s changing my life one jar of Kimchi at a time.

The only go to for Bridal Jewellery. Of course it’s Clare Lloyd.

beautiful and bespoke handmade wedding hair accessories, bridal hair adornments and jewellery.

Clare Lloyd

If your looking for wedding inspiration on Pinterest, Clare will always appear. Creating the most intricately beautiful head dresses and accessories, the hopeless romantic in you is sure to shine.

When first moving to the Silk Mill studios back in 2019, Clare was INCREDIBLE. Offering me valuable advice as a start-up artist. Hints, tips, booklets, and more. Without a doubt, she will be at her studio space every day working do hard to create the most beautiful jewelry for all. Clare is a name known around Frome for stunning metal work, eye for detail, and cheer. Also as a founder of the @silkmillcollective Clare warms the Silk Mill with her positivity and motivation. She is the pinnacle of the artist community within Frome and in particular The Silk Mill.

Who would have thought that the creative hub of Frome would all be Sara from Hook Me Up?

I would like to say FAMOUS of her letter cushion, Hook me up has been featured in the Frome Publication “The List.” Featured by the one and only Holly Tuker for Colour me Friday and the list goes on…

Sara’s use of vibrant colours and intricate crochet really makes her a stand-out as a local independent creative.

If you see a creative project appear around Frome, Sara will 10000% be involved in some way. Alongside her role at Black Swan Arts, she is a community cheerleader. Encouraging others to begin their creative journey, teaching others to find their calm through crochet, running the renowned STITCH N’ BITCH. Sara is everywhere when it comes to the artistic community of Frome. I find my confidence and motivation through Sara to continue my journey as a creative. I am so grateful to have her as a friend by my side.

We’ve got to keep on supporting Women Owned businesses.

I am a real advocate for supporting small businesses, especially when they’re owned by Women. Recently I read “Work like a Woman” by Mary Portas. (Please note: This link leads to Oxfam and not A****N. I do not support A*****N in anyway. Especially for great reading). The book was extremely inspiring, hearing about how somehow as inspirational like Mary Portas struggled in the industry. Really puts into perspective at how hard it can be for female entrepreneurs.

We still need to discuss the pay gap, paternity pay, tax expenses and more that discriminate against gender. We need to see women as equal in the work place. Also, we need to see men as equal.

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