Introducing the valentines collection.

Image of pink floating dress for the Valentines collection featuring half corset and circle skirt.

On the 14th of Feb we launched our Valentines Collection. Filled with 50s inspired day dresses and oversized turtlenecks. The designs were influenced by different vintage remnants. In this post we want to show you the new items in our collections and tell you everything about them.

Image of Pink Dress with love hearts and text for Pinterest

The new collection is inspired by Audrey Hepburn, her flawless style and feminist stand on the 1950s. We loved everything about Audrey Hepburn, especially the movie funny face.

The new Vintage Patterned Facemasks

Photograph by Yousef Al Nasser Facemasks hanging on a clothing rail with elastics. They are a variety of different vintage floral patterns.

Firstly, Facemasks are a necessity at the moment if your heading down to town or quickly to the supermarket. I’m sure that the one you have needs and upgrade? We’ve restocked our Facemasks and this time they’re made from vintage cottons. Including Laura Ashley.

They feature a folded fit which allows for extra protection, a double layer, a filter pocket and elastics which can be adjusted.

These Facemasks are such a popular product and we’ve had so many lovely reviews including:

“Order arrived within two days so very pleased. The masks are very good quality and a lovely selection of colours. Very pleased with my purchase.” Vanessa

Our new Zero-waste facepads

Photography by Yousef Al Nasser of 5 Facepads made from upcycled vintage cotton and towelling with blue overlocked edges. Surrounded by beauty products and brushes.

The ultimate accessory for your skin care routine. One side is a towelled cotton- perfect for exfoliating. The other side is a smooth cotton- perfect for applying serums and moisturiser.

This product is made from off cuts, helping us to commit to our zero waste policy. Made from vintage cotton and remnants and recycled towelling.

I’m personally a big fan of them and they’ve become a part my daily routine. If I can say so myself.

They’re easy to wash in a mesh bag alongside your other washing.

Love yourself in our new body positivity panties

Photograph by Yousef Al Nasser of Body Positivity Panties floating in different vintage floral remnants and vintage knicker elastic

These pants were made out of inspiration to my twin, Alex. Recently coming out as trans, I wanted Alex to feel positive and love their body even if it wasn’t for their own gender.

Alex helped me to decide what quotes should be on the pants- and also owns a pair!

We write about in our blog post: Lets talk about Mental Health and Body Positivty. The reason we started the brand is because we wanted to address the individual and their own personality and body shape- rather than just a trend.

The panties are made from vintage pattern cotton and knicker elastics. Our friend Mai-Stitch kindly did the embroidery for us! It’s incredible, you should definitely check out her website.

Every pair ordered will be made from a completely different material, quote and elastic combination. You truly are one of a kind.

The most comfortable oversized turtlenecks

Photograph by Yousef Al Nasser of red lips oversized turtle neck in navy size medium one off

These Turtlenecks we’re designed for purely selfish reasons- I was fed up not being able to find turtleneck which were oversized and fun. Hence, I got to the studio and designed.

The Green turtleneck is made from a sweatshirt and there is one available sizes XS to XL. We sourced this material from Dorothy house. So it’s great to see the fabric being used for every size we currently have available.

other turtleneck’s are all one-offs. They are made from remnant dead stock and vintage materials. The size small jerseys feature a tighter neckline due the amount of material we had available! But everyone has such a flattering shape which is also perfect for layering.

Our New Rachel 50s style day dresses

Photography by Yousef Al Nasser of pink zero waste dress with circle skirt and half corset. Made from silk and cotton one of a kind 50s style day dress.

The design for these dresses took inspiration from my Mum (Rachel). Boat necklines and circle skirts. These dresses are the perfect epitome of a 1950s day dress.

They feature a gathered bust which flatters all bust types and sizes. A half corseted design which helps you to feel confident as it smooths out your waist. Also, A full circle skirt with an irregular hem depending on the type of material we’re up cycling. An invisible zip through the back and a boat neckline.

When I made the first sample of this dress I was instantly obsessed! I love how flattering it was on and how it instantly made me feel like a princess.

The dress is made from reclaimed vintage remnants. Each dress features a variety of different panels in keeping with being zero waste. The materials are cottons and wool of a medium weight.

As a result, These dresses are also fully lined- so perfect for any up and coming special occasion.

It is important to remember that all of our garments are one-off due to the process of how we source our materials. So it’s guaranteed no one else will have the same dress as you.

Photos by Yousef Al Nasser.

A fashion, portraiture and lifestyle photographer from Kuwait with an MFA in Fine Art Photography and a nine-year background in commercial photography. His commercial work has been published in Kuwait’s number one English magazine, The Economist, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Vice.

Yousef has been incredible with shooting our latest collection for us. But, COVID restrictions regarding models and more have not stopped him from producing the most outstanding photography.

So, If you are a small creative business like ourselves, I would highly recommend Yousef. He sees the beauty in what you make and highlights those aspects. As a result, He truly envisions the outcome before proceeding and his work is definitely one of a kind.

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