Shop The Latest Ready-To-Wear 2020 Collection

teddy coat/ jacket one of a kind ethical clothing

Shop the Latest Collection based around the Lockdown in 2020. As a Result are: Comfortable clothing suitable for those offices days at home or a quick pop to the shop. Trendy loungewear for all occasions. In Conclusion, the garments are also unisex and feature oversized and relax fitting clothing.

Shop The Latest Ready-To-Wear 2020 Collection.

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Shot by: Yousef Al Nasser– Kent Based Photographer from Kuwait. Specialising in street and commercial photography.

Model: Lillian from Crumb Agency

Shoot Assistants: Amy West, Matilda Lloyd, Kerrie McCann, Soli Wood.

Sustainable Circular Fashion Teddy Coat Unisex Fashion
Dutch Label Company teddy coat jacket
ethical handmade upcycled fashion unisex
festival rave zero waste sustainable fashion
Sustainable Ethical Fashion
Ethical edgy gender fluid fashion
made to measure trousers frome somerset
over-sized teddy bear coat jacket
summer wide leg trousers boxing shorts upcycled clothing
face covering face mask alternative slow fashion
oversized vest streetwear sustainable streetwear
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deadtsock upcycled fashion unisex
summer vest colourful upandcoming brand
teddy coat/ jacket one of a kind ethical clothing
trouser chaps cowboy trousers

Quarantee 2020 [AW2021 Collection]

A Ready-To-Wear Collection Inspired by Quarantine. Hence Featuring: Over-sized silhouettes and trendy loungewear. Perfect for transitioning from your zoom call to running down to your local corner shop. Designed to be suitable for those typical daily activities during Quarantine. Sometimes you just require a bit of style. Hence, we have made comfortable clothing from deadstock and remnant materials. As a result, This Collection is designed with you in mind. As a result, Our Quarantees are the staple of the collection. They are designed with a built-in Facemask. Hence, this eases the pressures off remembering to bring one. They are a result of a previous design from our 2018 Graduate Collection. Which was at The University for the creative arts.

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