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The Background Behind Our Craft.

Craft Etsy Store working at silk mill studios sewing
Daines Atelier sewing at The Silk Mill Studios Frome

Classical Tailoring Techniques, Creative Pattern Cutting and a Love for High-Quality materials is the backbone behind the craft of Daines Atelier. We have pushed the boundaries of these skills and bring them to their highest contemporary manner. For example we used Tailoring techniques such as traditional shaping to create one-off garments from remnant pieces focusing on the work which goes inside (Canvasing, Interfacing, linings) and using hand-sewing techniques to repair materials, and connect off-cuts together.

Traditional Techniques are something which has been forgotten by us. With current expectations of quick production, throwaway fashion and constant new styles; what happened to quality, craftsmanship and a garment to last a lifetime?

The Values We Express Through Our Craft.

sustainable style, sustainable brand, fashion brand, one of a kind
450Daines Atelier Cracked Vase Batwing Jumper *limited edition, one-of-a-kind, unique, upcycled, vintage materials, panelling*

“According to the EPA almost 13.1 million tons of textiles are thrown away every year. Only 15% of which (Roughly 2 million tons) are recovered for reuse or recycling. It’s gotten so bad that it’s estimated that the average American throws away 65 pounds of textiles every year and that nearly 48% of this is perfectly reusable.” (From the Daily Info-graphic in 2014) Surely this is enough reason as to why we need to be educated in to not being a throwaway fashion society! At Daines Atelier we commit to reducing textiles wastage by opting for a circular fashion model.

Circular Fashion is in its simplest terms: A process with no waste and all resources and out-products can be reused or recycled. Closing the gap of materials just being thrown away. We commit to saving remnants, dead-stock and vintage materials and giving them a new lease of life. We want to omit the ‘tacky’ element of upcycled fashion and create something ‘Edgy’ and ‘Unique’.

Also, We value being a gender-less brand as well, non of our garments are directed to a specific gender stereotype. But creating an oversized silhouette, gender-neutral styles and items of clothing. We pride ourselves in celebrating that you can be YOU. when pattern cutting our clothing consideration for fit on a variety of different body shapes and the ability for the garment to mould to fit you. Read more about our products and processes here.

Due to creating garments from one-off materials everything single garment is one-of-a-kind and unique. You will never see anyone wearing the same garment again. We celebrate the individual and their personality. It is truly when you see someone pick up a garment and immediately know it was made for them.

Why Is Craft so Important to us?

picnic coat craft model sale sustainable
Daines Atelier Picnic Coat AW1920

The workmanship behind a garment can express a lot of love. Those tiny hand-stitches, the care and consideration into selecting which material will be paired with what; to the final sewing in of a label. The slow process can really be reflected in a garment and in every stitch, you can feel the concentration of the person who made it.

Craft is something which doesn’t get celebrated enough! Behind every handmade project is a large story to tell which should be shared. In all of garments we commit to a zero-waste policy. So you will notice the fraying of the selvage edge becoming a feature on the garment, or many the panelling on the end of a sleeve where the fabric couldn’t quite reach the end of the pattern. Or perhaps the slight fabric infections which end up becoming stand-out features and a celebration of the craftsmanship behind the individual who wove the material together.

Craftsmanship errors are something which rarely get celebrated. Why do we not celebrate them? The horror stories of High-end designer brands such as Burberry burning their dead stock should surely ring alarm bells in our minds. An error is the creation from a singular mind.

The Authenticity of Our Craft.

The Frome Independent Somerset Frome Craft
Daines Atelier Selling at The Frome Independent

The brand began when our founder (Evie Daines) realised their was a gap in the market for sustainable street-wear. Whenever you try to find a sustainable brand you will be bombarded with linen and spider plants. But why could you not find clothing with a bit more colour and interest? Why did ethical always mean oversized dresses? The sustainable fashion market is something which has only until recently been explored. Making one small change in your shopping habits and the production behind a brand can have a huge impact.

Did you know that we We keep all of our making local at The Silk Mill Studios in Frome, Somerset; We also source our materials locally or from reliable sources. This continues our celebration into craftsmanship by young creators and continues the tradition of sewing/tailoring. It is so RARE today to see a streetwear garment which has been hand-made and tailored to perfection.

On our online store you can browse our latest products. Being One-of-a-kind, once they;re gone, they’re forever gone! We produce limited quantities of what we are making and work on a monthly rota for producing new stock. This gives us a chance every month to evaluate of the amount we produce and whether it is minimal to waste/ deadstock.

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