My top 10 Instagram Accounts which are eco forward.

10 eco forward Instagram accounts you need to be following text overlaying images of different Instagram accounts
10 eco forward Instagram accounts you need to follow

To start off 2021 we have been giving you hints, tips and facts to help you with your new year’s resolution. We want to show you our TOP 10 Instagram accounts you need to be following now.

10. @fcschicago

Are a Columbia College social club from Chicago who are interested in sustainability. In particular: the Fashion Industry.

The platform are currently promoting Fashion Brands you SHOULD know including: Lex and Lynne , Houdini Sportswear And Alternative Apparel. We love at how they hand select brands for a variety of different sustainable approaches.

Their Instagram is full of many different ways that you can become a conscious consumer. Load of great advice.

9. @slowfashionchallenge

Slow fashion challenge Instagram graphic

We joined in with The Slow Fashion Challenge in 2020, we are really looking forward to taking part again. The challenge consists of a prompt a day to post onto your feed.

The challenge is great as it opens up a community of other sustainability lovers! It also really gets you thinking about how you run your own business.

Poppy is the queen of reels! She is particularly focused on educating others of the #payup. Which includes many fast fashion businesses who failed to pay their garment workers during the pandemic.

Poppy my Wardrobe Instagram Reel Tictok showcasing pay up fashion activist

She has also modelled for many incredible sustainable fashion brands including: Studio Zipcode, Haus Dahlia London and MITRA the label.

Her stories are filled with many prompts and ideas towards living a sustainable lifestyle. Definitely one to watch.

7. @thinking.threads

A content writer specialising in sustainable fashion and ethical fashion. Tena has actually been a massive inspiration towards beginning our 31 days of sustainability.

Tena opens up discussions of a variety of different topics including Greenwashing, Ethical workplaces and designing for sustainability. It definitely gets you thinking and considering your own process.

She is particularly great also drop a direct message if you have different topics surrounding sustainability you’d like to discuss.

6. @goodbrands_org

Good Brands Org Instagram Grid Showcasing ethical and sustainable businessess

Not too sure on what brands our sustainable? Good Brands have the down low on everyone sustainable!

Their feed is full of many different brands and also different infographics discussing sustainability. Their feed is a curated beauty and it so amazing to scroll through.

5. @delightfultack

Delightfultack Instagram grib showing small slow fashion businesses and market events

An Instagram account which showcases the best of sustainable fashion. It is a community platform which aims to connect, express, educate, support and showcase all things fashion.

As well as running virtual and in person markets which are all sustainable. They are regularly posting many great independent brands. Another perfect inspiration spot.

4. @sophiebenson

Sophie Benson Independent Article showcasing Asos Circle Fashion and Greenwashing

Sophie is a journalist and lecturer working with a focus on sustainable fashion, workers’ rights, the environment and consumerism.

As well as her fabulous outfits, Sophie showcases threads from articles she has written for different publications. Opening up a variety of different conversations.

I found Sophie through an article she wrote for the independent newspaper on virtual catwalks.

3. @soymilkmagazine

Soy Milk Magazine Instagram Grid showcasing vegan recipes and ways to live slow and sustainable

A digital magazine for everything eco-friendly. Categories including news, vegan recipes, home, sustainable brands and fashion.

Based in New York, this stylish mag showcases a combination of fashion and lifestyle in a neutral hue.

It is a calming and informative read which highlights a lot of current topics which usually get over looked.

2. @sustainablefashionweek_uk

Sustainable fashion week Instagram, grid showcasing crowd funder

Based in Bristol, Sustainable Fashion Week are currently hosting a crowd funder to launch the UK’s first sustainable fashion week after its initial plans were interrupted by covid.

Creating creative engagement events for the community supporting sustainability in fashion. They are also activist for slow fashion and give advice and focus towards being conscious of your consumerism.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding shopping second hand and workers’ rights.

1. @ssustainably_

Ssustainably Instagram Grid showcasing graphics with advice on how to live more sustainably and knowledge into the industry

Gaia creates educational graphics around sustainability. Focused around individual and system changes in conscious consumerism.

There are lots of threads surrounding the damaging effects of fast fashion and workers rights.

The page is purely educational and informative. Great for those are starting out to educate themselves on the fashion industry.

0. It would be wrong is we didn’t include ourselves! @dainesatelier

Diana Atelier Sustainable Slow Fashion Instagram Grid

I mean it would be poor on the marketing side of things if we didn’t include ourselves. For the start of the New Year we are doing 31 days of sustainability where daily we give you hints, tips and facts.

Or even better our blog is full of loads of great articles surrounding sustainability. So take a look!

and don’t forget to browse our shop for loads of eco goodies.

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