NEW Bucket Hats

Bucket Hat made from remnant vintage materials. Eco Streetwear black gingham.

When the sun’s out, you know that the Bucket Hats have got to be out. Here at Daines Atelier our new styles of bucket hats are sure to get you excited.

Perfect for the upcoming festival season and sunny days. And definitely a must for all those Liam Gallagher fans.

We now do a range of sizes.

Upon popular request we now offer our hats in three different sizes. Small which is 21” circumference and suitable for a Child. 22” circumference which is a size medium and adult size. Or for a larger size we now do a 23” hat.

Being a one woman band we are constantly working on increasing sizes and meeting your requests.

And yes… they’re eco-friendly!

What’s even better is that the hats are designed with Sustainability in mind. Made from Upcycled vintage remnants, each hat is a few-of-a-kind design.

A lot of the materials come from off-cuts from our tote bags. Meaning that we insure that nothing goes to waste in our atelier.

Sourcing different vintage cotton remnants has been a joy to source for the bucket hats. Finding them in Charity Shops and more.

Check out this video of our new Bucket Hats on TikTok.

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Take a look at the New Bucket Hats Below.

NEW: Bucket Hats.

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