Once you’ve fallen in love with it you’ll never see it again. Garments made from upcycled textiles.

The beauty with upcycling is that you’ll never find or get the same fabric combination again. Make each garment truly authentic. When it comes to expressing your own individuality through clothing it can be difficult. But when you know that a garment is one-of-kind you can truly reflect who you are.

Using upcycled textiles means that the garments will feature irregular panelling and some distortion to shaping which comes from not allowing textile waste. This shows off the best of different vintage remnants or details on other materials.

Upcycling is the future of fashion.

Every year over 206 tonnes of textile waste (in the UK alone) is thrown away. We are on a mission to up-cycle rather than waste. To celebrate slow fashion and the beauty of craftsmanship.