Our 2019 Achievements

With Daines Atelier first being presented at the Frome Independent in April 2019, we have a lot of achievements during the past year, which we would absolutely love to celebrate with you! There have been may highs and lows (and Percy Pigs), but let’s start off with… So this is our list of achievements.

Our Market Days at The Frome Independent.

Frome Independent, 2019

When I first received the email inviting us to start selling at The Frome Independent, it’s safe to say I jumped with joy! Attending the markets on the first Sunday of the month as a customer was always exciting, so I’m sure you can imagine how it felt to attend as a business!

Our first market didn’t quite go to plan. It was our first shot at something like this, so it was a massive learning curve. However, as more and more markets went on, the better and better we got! Starting off with just four products, to now having made over 40, I feel as though it all went pretty swell!

Having said all that, the best part of all of this was getting to meet all of you guys, and being able to present new ideas and styles. It is so much fun to chat to people about how they aim to be sustainable in their everyday lives and what sewing methods they use to do so. (And, of course, we got to meet the wonderful Sheila at our markets!)

The market gets better and better each month. We can’t wait to see what next year has to bring!

One of our earlier highlights… Our launch party in Cardiff.

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Daines Atelier Launch Party, February 2019

When my college friend Emily Perry asked if she could collaborate in launching an event for the new Daines Atelier AW1920 Collection, showcasing my Graduate Collection ‘2084’, I could not say no! Emily was a fantastic friend with whom I studied Fashion and Textiles at Bath College and she went on to study Fashion Promotion at The University of South Wales.

The event was a success! Situated within Kongs Cardiff, Emily had organised the space, a catwalk show, event promotion and cupcakes! The area looked fantastic, as shown in the video below:Daines Atelier Launch Feb 2019 – Video by Geraint Luther

Emily also organised an interview at the studio with the talented Oliver Mitchell! If you want to see more about the launch event or to have a chat with Emily who is now completing her masters, head over to her Facebook launch page.

You can’t forget the achievements of the Silk Mill Open Studios.

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Daines Atelier Silk Mill Studios, 2019

From the 6th-14th July as part of The Frome Open Art Trail, Daines Atelier opened its doors to the public for the very first time. Discussing Project Inspirations, current work and showcasing our rail with our AW1920 Collection, it was a great opportunity to get feedback surrounding the business direction and collection.

Two of your favourite team members graduated…

Tia Treherne and Anisah Rahman’s Graduations, 2019

After both Anisah and Tia completed their degrees, I was ecstatic when they both offered to join my team and help me with my social media, admin, tidying up, lunch runs, sewing, design ideas, tea making, fabric hunting, grammar checking, photography, shop running, market days… AND MORE!

Tia graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography from The University for the Creative Arts. Anisah Graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Social Sciences from the University of Bath. I was extremely proud of both of them and their achievements. Clearly, it would have been wrong if I didn’t offer my alteration services for their prom dresses.

Being friends since Primary School (did I mention we’ve all known each other for 20 years?) it made sense to continue our adventures together and really build on creating something amazing. It has been an absolute joy to work towards creating a successful sustainable business and contributing to aiding Climate Action.

We created a beautiful jacket for Mark Mortimer, headmaster at Warminster School.

The Greatest Showman – Warminster School, 2019

Well, It was all kept secret for a very, very long time, with secret fittings and me sewing my little heart away. It was safe to say that when the jacket was finished and Mr Mortimer made his entrance, I wept a little. I can honestly say it really was the Greatest Show!

This project ended up being one of my first BIG projects and it was quite a challenge. Using bespoke tailoring techniques I had learnt from University studying Fashion Atelier at The University for the Creative Arts, this certainly tested my memory and knowledge.

Roll up, roll up to quite possibly the Greatest Show on earth!

Film: https://www.warminsterschool.org.uk/…/news-…/game-of-zones-1 (head to 10 minutes in to hear my interview by Yellow Balloon Productions.) This video really shows off the events building up to the day as well.

Many thanks to Stella for recommending me and all of the help from both Emma and Carolyn – such an awesome team! Thanks also to the wonderful Andrew for filming and creating a fantastic energy with the entire project. Also a special thanks to Mims Mummy Makes for the incredible embroidery on the back!

Daines Atelier AW1920 Scouts Honour Long Short
Daines Atelier AW1920 Scouts Honour Long Short

Head over to our Etsy now.

It is safe to say that 2019 has been a very successful year for Daines Atelier. We really could not have done it without YOU. As a special thank you, we are offering 10% off with the code: NEWYEAR20 until Sunday 2nd March 2020 as a way of saying thank you!

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