Our Ethos and Promise.

“What we need to do is make it clear how fair and decent work and environmental protection are intrinsically interconnected. At the moment, human rights abuses, gender inequality and environmental degradation all remain rife within the fashion industry, and positive change is more urgently needed than ever to tackle climate change and create a more equitable future for everybody working within the fashion supply chains.”

Carry Somers, founder of Fashion Revolution, the global campaign for a more transparent fashion industry.

And so we have Daines Atelier. A small team of graduates with a drive to create sustainable fashion which is beautiful and cause a lack of damage to our planet. We have a strict regime and ethos, we are ready to save our planet one small baby step towards saving our world.


Everything on your garment is 100% reclaimed and sourced locally. We source through warehouse sales, second-hand shops and donations; our materials and sundries. Some of our garments will also feature a charitable donation as the material is purchased from non-profit organisations such as The British Red Cross, Age UK or the Blue Cross UK, to name a few. Even down to the thread and fastening, nothing is purchased as an investment of being brand new.

We commit to a zero waste policy. Most of our garments will feature strategic panelling and innovative pattern cutting techniques to ensure that none of our fabric is wasted. smaller off cuts are then recycled into another garments or in current development our packaging and paper.

We commit to a circular fashion economy. And like to create things that can be used and remade. Nothing is to ever be thrown away or unloved.