Our Products

All of our Products are Designed, Pattern Cut and Sewn by our tiny little Atelier in Frome. Reclaiming materials by donation, warehouse sales and through charitable donation, the material tells the story rather than the design. Below features the shapes of our AW1920 Range.

The Daines Atelier Jumper

Features a wide batwing sleeve, collar and cuff. Variances include length of the jumper, collar and cuff finishing. This product is unisex and suitable for a variety of different shapes and sizes.

The Cropped Batwing Jumper

Non Ribbed Jumper

The Daines Atelier Jacket

Features a wide hood and raglan balloon style sleeves. Variances include the length of the jacket, Fastening at the front and the inclusion of a hood or collar.

The Cropped Jacket with Zip

The Long Coat with Hood

The Long Jacket with Collar

Daines Atelier T-Shirt

Made from recycled shirting cotton, the T-shirts vary in colours. They also include embroidery by ‘Mims Mummy Makes.’

Daines Atelier Trousers

High-waisted and over-sized pockets. The trousers typically features a zip fastening. Variances include the width of the leg and sizing. Typically a womenswear fit.

Trousers with Cord Fastening

Long Shorts


Our Latest products are showcased on our Etsy page. You will find a variance in styles, sizes and materials. Each garment is unique and sustainable.