“What I want is to become a powerful woman.”- Blair Waldorf.


Our headbands are sure to make you feel powerful. Especially when you know that they’re ethically made, zero-waste and a sustainable product. Now I don’t know about you Blair, but that definitely makes me feel like queen of New York.

The perfect gift for your eco-warrior.

These products are fantastic as gifting items for your friend and family who are interested in having an eco-friendly wardrobe. Small and affordable, it is guaranteed to be loved by the receiver. Hence, these Small items are perfect for living that slow lifestyles and becoming more conscious of our buying habits.

Made from remnants of our cutting table, these headbands are all one-off designs. Guaranteed that no one else will have matching.

They’re one of our most popular accessories and always sell out so fast! So what are you waiting for? Chuck Bass?

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