Batwing Jumper 2020

Batwing Jumper 2020

In July 2020 we introduced a drop of nine NEW batwing Jumpers.

The Batwing jumper is one of our most popular and renowned products, which sell out immediately every time we seem to list one!

Featuring panels from remnant materials, deadstock fabrics and vintage pieces. These jumpers are upcycled dreams. We carefully select which fabrics will suit each other and be complementary in colour.

The jumpers are oversized and comfortable and can mould to a variety of different body shapes due to the nature of the Batwing.

We pride ourselves on being an accepting and genderless brand. If the garment suits you? The garments suit you!

It is important to remember that all of our products are one-offs and will never be replicated. This is the beauty of being a circular fashion brand. Everything we create is to be authentic to you and your personality.




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