Made to Order

Made to Measure.

Our Made-to-Measure services allow you to be able to create a Daines Atelier staple to EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Decide upon your style components and desired colour to create something your wardrobe actually. We are to be a brand not promoting mass production and only meeting the needs of our wonderful customers.

How it Works

  1. Select which Daines Atelier Staple you would like to purchase. Is it a Jacket, a Batwing Jumper or a Dress?
  2. Following our helpful guide on “How to take your measurements for custom clothing” let us know which size you would like your Daines Atelier Garment to be made in.
  3. Select your design features for the garment and how you would like it to look. What kind of length? Or Collar? Do you want pockets?
  4. Let us know what Colours you’re looking for! Sometimes the hardest part of finding the right garment for your wardrobe can be having it in the colour you actually want.
  5. After purchasing your Garment we will be in touch with you to present some different materials and final sketch up of your soon-to-be-made Garment
  6. If you want to make any changes which are not within the options, the final decision and charging will be made by the seamstress.

What happens after Purchase?

We will email you within 72hours with a selection of different materials to choose from and a final sketch of how you’ve designed your garment. We will then give you the option to have swatches of the fabrics posted to you if you would like to get more of a feel to them. After everything has been confirmed and you’re 100% happy, we will make your Garment from scratch. Please allow 3-6 weeks for the creation of your garment as we can get very busy!

What happens if I don’t like any of the fabric options?

If you’re unhappy with the current availability of materials we will give you the option of either: More options at a later date if you’re happy to wait a little longer, this means that we can go out and hand select fabrics we deem perfect for you OR a full-refund and cancellation of your order.

What happens when you’ve finished my order?

When we’ve completed your order we will send you over some images of the final product including measurements and the garment on a fit model if we have a suitable person on site! Any changes requested after this final photo will be charged as per hourly rate of the seamstress.

Can I return a Made-to-Measure Order?

Unfortunately due to creating everything from scratch and per your agreed upon instructions we are unable to offer returns. If you should be unhappy, please contact our team at and we can see if there’s anything we can do to assist.

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