Upcycling Vintage and Remnant Textiles into Clothing, Saving them from Landfill.

Every year over 200 tonnes of textile waste meets our landfill. Whereas a large majority could be recycled or re-used. The United Kingdom is in the top four contributors to textile waste throwing out an average of 32kg per person yearly. Not to mention take 85% of the pollution from the Fashion Industry comes from the production of new textiles.

Which is WHY Daines Atelier are a Handmade Circular Brand reimagining the Slow Fashion Industry.

All of our clothing is hand-made from our studio in Frome. Everything from the design, sewing and packaging is done in house by myself, Evie. The Ethical Designer behind the brand.

Some more Information on The shop.

Sizes are on the title of all products with more accurate sizes in descriptions. we also offer commissions if there isn’t something within our ready-to-wear section suitable for you, please do contact us.

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