Discover the Daines Atelier Batwing Jumper, your perfect companion for the chilly weather. This oversized and unisex jumper bridges the gap between style and comfort. While being an advocate for sustainable practices and combating textile waste in the fashion industry.

Everything at Daines Atelier is carefully curated with the planet in our mind. Our mission as a brand is to combat textile waste within the fashion industry by creating affordable one-of-pieces. We have perfected our pattern cutting and practice to ensure that Daines Atelier is committed to be zero-waste and create an example for the future of fashion.

Warm jumper

Help yourself withstand the biting cold with our supremely warm Batwing Jumper. Made from reclaimed natural materials or deadstock sweatshirts.

Unisex hoodie

We believe in breaking the barriers, style should be accessible and cool for everyone. Enjoy our unisex hoodie patterned to suit both men and women.

Handmade clothing

 Each Batwing Jumper is skilfully crafted by seasoned artisans in the United Kingdom for a flawless finish. Couture quality with an affordable cost. 

Pullover Hoodie

Just slip it over your head – getting ready for that chilly night out or cozy evening indoors has never been this easy. Elevate your winter wardrobe straight away with that one item you won’t be taking off!

Upcycled clothing

Stay eco-friendly and trendy with our recycled materials. Reworking Vintage Textiles, Preloved Clothing and more to create a one-of-a-kind item of clothing only YOU will own.

Batwing Sleeve

Our iconic balloon sleeve design delivers both a fashionable and relaxed fit. Meaning it suits a variety of different body shapes and is the perfect layering item for this winter.

Struggling to find a warm jumper that fits everyone?

Our Batwing Jumper is designed to have an oversized and unisex fit to accommodate all body types and fashion preferences. It also makes it the perfect wardrobe staple for the colder seasons and to dress up an outfit quickly.

Are you Looking for unique, handmade clothing.

Each of our vintage sweatshirts is intricately handcrafted, ensuring unmatched quality. Designed at our studio and Frome and sewn by trusted seamstresses across the United Kingdom. Everything at Daines Atelier has that luxury feel you don’t want to miss.

Combating clothing and textile waste through a zero-waste design.

Combating local textile waste by upcycling remnants, deadstock and off-cut materials to ensure they move around the cycle and don’t end up in landfill.

I’m completely obsessed with this glorious hoodie! 😍😍 putting this on feels like getting into bed after a long day: it’s comfy, stylish and is perfect for so many occasions. Lounging on the sofa? Check. Popping out to the shops? Check. Gym? Check. I thought the material would be quite thick and warm, but this hoodie is pure magic in that it keeps you warm when you’re cold, but its oversized quality makes it breathable and floaty enough to be worn even when it’s sunny. I can’t recommend this product enough!!! (Also customer service was superb- being updated about my purchase during its production was so helpful!)

Olive on Etsy

This is the most beautiful, cosiest jumper. I’m so happy with it. THIS is why I shop locally and with small businesses. Lovely contact, fast delivery, cute packaging and a handmade item that feels special. What more could a customer wish for?

Marieke on Depop

The number of compliments I get every single time I wear this is ridiculous! It makes me feel even better to know that I am wearing something which has been curated with the planet in mind. Probably the best thing I will ever have in my wardrobe.

Kyle on our Website

Join the movement towards sustainable and stylish clothing. Get your Daines Atelier Batwing Jumper today. 

Fabric and Colour Options

All of our jumpers are designed based on the textiles we source and reclaim. This means that you expect us to regularly be updating our online store with a variety of different colours, options and sizes. We let the fabric do the talking!

If you should want a Jumper made in a certain colour or size please reach out to our team! We are more than happy to create something that you know will suit you. Our current commission production time is between 4-6 weeks as this ensures we are able to source and select the perfect materials for you, have a cup of tea and sew together your perfect garment.

All of the materials we work with a typically of natural content and reclaimed. You will find batwing jumpers made from up-cycled cashmere, Shrunken Wool, Dead-stock Sweatshirt, Sample Materials and more. We never buy new for our materials. Everything is hand-selected to maintain a high-quality. By using reclaimed materials we are reducing the impact of 260,000 tonnes going to landfill every year.

Size Options

We offer a Unisex Sizing Chart for our Batwing Jumpers in sizes XS to XL. (Sizes outside this range are available on request.) We also offer a variety of different lengths from Long, Regular and Cropped. Please refer to our useful sizing guide below to ensure that you get the perfect fitting jumper.

*Please note, Our jumpers are designed to have an oversized fit, so please refer to the individual product for accurate measurements of the garment.

SizeChest Garment WidthSleeve Length From NeckLength from front neck (Uncropped)
Batwing Jumper and Hoodie Size Chart

The above size chart is in CM. Please note that all of our garments are designed to be over-sized. lengths which are cropped will be within the description of the item.

Care Instructions

We pre-wash all of our materials before constructing our garments to allow for any shrinkages or colour distortions. However we cannot guarantee that by using a washing machine to wash your Jumper it will come out exactly the same!

Hand-Made always requires a little bit of extra care and attention. As a small business we do not have the facilities to be able to test each and every garment. But we can offer advice and suggestions, which we can’t be liable for.

A few suggestions for looking after your garment include:

  • Wash on a low temperature
  • Hand wash where possible
  • Iron under a cloth
  • Leave to hang-dry
  • Steam to clean the garment
  • Repair it!

Read our helpful guide on how to wash and care for handmade garments for further suggestions and advice.

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