Shopping at a High-Street store is basically you cancelling all of your own dreams.

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You heard me right. By not supporting your local independent business’ you’re allowing for their to be a reasoning on why no-one should ever chase their dreams. Shopping on the high street is basically you cancelling your dreams. You ever wanted to run an ice-cream store in your own town? Why haven’t you?

Is it because you’re worried no-one will come as they will pop down to their local co-op a buy massive tub for the price of a scoop?

But what they don’t know is how you’ve spent 5 years perfecting the recipe.testing out different flavours with your friends and family. They absolutely love it.

This is what it is like when you shop at your local high street new look. rather than perhaps browsing some local enduring brands. Maybe that massive retailer has a 50% sale on, but who really gains from it? You for a day and the big bosses probably living on a yacht in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

OR you could shop from your local brand, get something completely unique and allow the owner to come and buy an ice-cream from your local store!

shop at Daines Atelier.


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