Are you a student looking for experience in the Fashion Sector in South West England? Maybe you want to see if Fashion is where you wish to work in the future or study? Based at our studio in Frome, Somerset; we are delighted to be able to take on a small number of students yearly to gain insight into the hustle behind working for a small sustainable fashion brand.

Daines Atelier upcycle vintage off-cuts and remnants into one-of-a-kind garments. If you’re an advocate for sustainable fashion and have a drive to educate others on the importance of sustainable fashion, then this internship is for you.

We are looking for reliable, creative and proactive students to assist in the every day life of working in Fashion. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience in the creativity industry and learn further if this is something you would like to aim towards.

The Slow Fashion Work Experience Includes:

A 5 day program where you will learn different skills on each day. (11am-3pm daily)


Using the mannequins and fabrics available in the studio we will let our imaginations go wild and design some different outfits suitable to a brief. This will teach the students basic design skills and ignite their creativity.


Here at Daines Atelier we pride ourselves in being a sustainable brand. We are always learning new information about the industry and educating our followers further, The students will gather information ready for an Instagram take-over on Day Four.

DAY THREE: Basic Clothing Repairs and Alterations. [SEAMSTRESS]

We ask each student to bring in ONE item if clothing to repair or alter so that it can be worn over and over again. This will teach valuable Hand-Stitching Skills and the importance of loving the clothes we already have.

DAY FOUR: Content Creation. [MARKETING]

With permission granted from guardians. We will teach the students a few different ways to create content for our social media channel. Call it an Instagram Takeover. This will teach the basic principles of marketing.

DAY FIVE: Presentation Day [LEADERSHIP] / Retail Experience [SHOP WORK]

On the final day we will ask to the students to present what they have worked on over the week and what they have learned. There will also be the opportunity to ask any further questions they may have and to receive feedback from professionals.

We will also do a short shift together in a local shop to gain insight into customer behaviours and what goes into selling for a small fashion brand.

Requirements to Apply:

  • MUST be aged between 15-18 and completing a week in industry/ Work Experience.
  • Able to travel to our studio in Frome, Somerset.
  • Keen Interest in Fashion and Sustainability.
  • Excellent attention to detail and a desire to learn.

Please apply below for the Internship with all of the necessary information.

For further correspondence we ask for a legal parent and guardian to be included in our future emails.
This will help us to understand how much experience you already have and we can make sure you learn new skills valuable to you.
For example: Do you attend an after school club? What do you do in your spare time? Do you do any community service?
Plan for University? Interested in Sustainability? Want to work in Fashion?
We can only take on students for Work Experience for a MAXIMUM of a week. We will only have limited spaces available if multiple students from the same school apply. If this is the case we will offer a space based on the school’s recommendations.
This includes Food & Travel Allowance.