Small Business Motivation during Covid-19 is Required.

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Being a small business, I am currently experiencing a very scary time. My job at The Coffee Barn is currently on hold and being a contractor means I have now had to apply to Universal Credit through the HMRC ( for all of you self-employed folk who need to apply as well!) This should hopefully keep all of my bills up to date. But with the cancellation of The Frome Independent for the foreseeable future, my income from my business is at a stand-still as this is where I usually am able to allow customers to see my products first hand and to meet new people.

market, selling, garments, sustainable fashion, eco fashion, market day, the frome independent

So now. I become a social media influencer (gross.) or at least attempt to. While I cuddle my cat Oslo for around seven hours a day and consume at least nine cups of coffee.

What wanted to inform everyone of was the direction my business is likely to be taking. I have put a STOP on alterations. This is because if you are self-isolating and I collect an alteration from you I will be putting myself at risk. The Virus supposedly lives on materials for up to three days. Not really a risk I want to take.

So what are we working on as a small business?

I am currently starting to update my Etsy store ( Prices will be higher than at the market, But I have to account for Etsy fees, postage etc. So I hope you can be of understanding!

I working on creating so video tutorials of how to use your own stray materials at home to make your own clothing. I will also offer short videos on machine maintenance etc. This is something which probably takes about a month in the making. So any ideas/suggestions around this topic would be appreciated.

But I need your love and motivation. So please continue to share what I am doing, talk about it with your friends and invest in my small business. We’re all in this together and I adore you all!

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