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All The Products That The Daines Atelier Sustainable Style Shop Has To Offer.

Take a look through the latest Daines Atelier Pieces. From Batwing Jumpers to sustainable essentials. In addition, we showcase the best of what circular fashion has to offer. A Sustainable Style Shop all handmade from the heart of Frome, Somerset. Our Small Independent Business is based at The Silk Mill.

Everything in The Shop is curated from upcycled textiles; Re-purposed deadstock materials or reclaimed vintage material. Hence, each piece is authentic and individual. As a result, you will never find the same product ever again. In conclusion you can discover the beauty of One-Of-Kind Garments means that they are authentic to you.

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The Quarantee 2020 collection is ready-to-wear and inspired by Quarantine. Over-sized silhouettes and trendy loungewear. Perfect for transitioning from your zoom call to running down to your local corner shop. Designed to be suitable for those typical daily activities during Quarantine. Sometimes you just require a bit of style. Hence, we have made comfortable clothing from deadstock and remnant materials. As a result, This Collection is designed with you in mind. Our Quarantees are the staple of the collection. They are designed with a built-in Facemask. Hence, this eases the pressures off remembering to bring one. They are a result of a previous design from our 2018 Graduate Collection. Which was at The University for the creative arts. This is our latest collection features in The Sustainable Style Shop.