Did you know that 15%-25% of waste comes from the cutting room floor?

Which is a lot of material waste for just one garment. So, For all of our accessories we use the cutting floor textiles to create them. Hence, This helps our brand get closer to our goal of being completely zero waste.

Even though we are already using pre-loved textiles and upcycling them, it works as the second stage of upcycling. As a result, they are a guilt ufree accessory. Just what the wardrobe needed.

The perfect accessories and gift for your eco-warrior.

These products are fantastic as gifting items for your friend and family who are interested in having an eco-friendly wardrobe. Small and affordable, it is guaranteed to be loved by the receiver.

Hence, these Small items are perfect for living that slow lifestyles and becoming more conscious of our buying habits. How would you style these? Finally, For inspiration take a look on our Instagram