Tote Bags

Finally, Tote bags which are actually big enough.

There’s nothing worse than going out to buy you avocados, putting them into your tote bag and realising that the straps aren’t long enough to hold it comfortably and you can’t fit your shopping in. As a result, I had to design a tote bag suitable for the everyday. The perfect accessory for the everyday.

Ethically made at our studio In Frome, Somerset.

Most of the tote bags you see on the high street have been mass produced unethically in low economic countries. As a result, Promoting slave labour and mass consumption. Hence, Defeating the object of the tote bag being kind to the planet.

Finally, It is a guarantee with our Tote Bag that the material has been sourced locally as a vintage remnant or dead-stock. Also, That it is made by hand in our studio and care is put into every stitch. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.