Batwing Jumpers

Committed to Reducing Waste in the Fashion Industry with our Batwing Jumpers.

Our Batwing jumper are made from vintage remnants and dead stock materials. So, They are a zero-waste design committed to being part of the slow fashion movement. As a result, This makes our jumpers one of a kind because we will only ever be able to make one from a certain material. 

We source our materials locally from second hand shops, by public donation and at antique fairs. Hence, The joy of finding a unique material is something which cannot be compared.

They’re our most popular product.

Whenever we would launch a new batwing jumper at The Frome Independent they would always sell out. As a result, They’re our most renowned product. really aiding you in finding an item of clothing that allows you to show your authentic self.

Also, They’re a size inclusive design as they feature a lot of extra space in the chest area. These means that the jumper versatile to a variety of different body types.