The Frome Independent makes a return for 2022.

Celie photo Daines Atelier sign from contrado at the silk mill studios

The Frome Independent is making a comeback for 2022. We are so excited to see the streets of Frome filled with local artisans. Even better, we will be back on Catherine Hill.

In our usual spot, next to Moo and Two. We will be showcasing our Spring Summer Collection for the first time! With half of our stock out on the Hill, the rest will be inside Poot Emporium.

We are looking forward to catching up with our regular neighbors: Fizz Goes Pop, David Daniels Design, and Han-Made.

What is The Frome Independent?

On the First Sunday of the month, March through December. You can find the streets of Frome filled With some of the most reputable businesses in the area.

It’s split into three sections: Designer Makers, Street Food, and The Antique Flea.

My favorite vendors in the Street food consist of (of course) Cheese and Cake.

The Great Cake Company

The Great Cake Company at The Frome Independent.

The most delicious Gluten-Free Bakes you will ever experience. As well as winning a great taste award for their Millionaire Shortbread, I have to recommend their Friands. My personal favorite is the Blueberry flavor. Something about this almond Based treat will keep you wanting to come back for more.

Lunita Pasteleria

Lunita Pasteleria at The Frome Independent.

These traditional Argentine Cakes are A must. During festive periods Lunita will also decorate accordingly. An array of shortbreads and pastries filled with quince or a creme pâte. Honestly, life-changing. I always tell my boyfriend I will share but never do.

Alp Mac

Alp Mac

Mac and Cheese made from Swiss Cheeses. Each dish comes with condiments, my favourite, pickled dill. It is where you need to be heading when lunch calls.

Quirky Collectables

Quirky Collectables

At the Antique Flea, you have to find Quirky Collectables. All of their profits taken go towards the local radio station. As a charity, they will do house clearances for the community of Frome, donating items back to businesses in Frome before selling on antiques at different markets. I always have a soft spot for the 60s and 70s materials that they come across.

The Designer Makers and Suitcase Pitches

Being a Designer Maker, I am friends with a lot of the community who trade at The Frome Independent. It is always lovely to catch up with some of my dearest friends. But, I thought I would talk to you about my neighbours.

Fizz Goes Pop

Fizz Goes Pop NEW Spring Range

Designer of hand-crafted laser-cut jewellery. Sporting bright and glossy colours. Their Spring collection features bumblebees, florals, and Snow-drops. I cannot wait to see them in person. Bumblebees are my favourite. Fizz is the perfect place to stop if you want to treat yourself.

David Daniels Design

David Daniels Illustration of Catherine Hill.

I call David the Frome Illustator. His illustrations capture the hot spots of Frome: Cheap Street, Catherine Hill, and our favourite plant shop, Pileau. David also has his artwork in Owl, just down the Hill. So if you want a treasure from Frome, Visit David in his dream coat.


Han-Made at The Frome Independent.

Hannah is one of the most joyous individuals I know. Her polymer clay jewellery fully reflects this. she has jewellery suitable for all weathers, Sunshine and Rain Clouds. Hannah is the person to visit if you need to buy a gift for a friend.

And Us. Daines Atelier.

Launching our Spring Summer 2022 Collection, Gillian at The Frome Independent.

I am delighted to be bringing my Spring Summer 2022 collection the day after my launch event at The Coffee Barn (tickets are still available to secure from here.)

Photo from Celie Photo of Daines Atelier Spring Summer 22 collection. Launching at The Frome Independent.
photograph: Celie Photography

The Daines Atelier Spring/Summer 2022 collection is a vision of romance, but only for you. Elegant Dress that elongates the silhouette referencing dresses of the Victorian period. A time when women would dress to please themselves, enjoy walks around the garden, or sip tea with friends. Although made from old-fashioned hand-picked textiles dating back to the 1960s. Their muted colourful hues will give you a sense of joy and happiness while feeling beautiful.

We have a contemporary take on the classic Bed Jacket. Typically worn over pajamas while dancing around the house to keep one warm. Worn during times of self-love and care at home. Now the bed jacket can be enjoyed beyond your home so that you can love yourself while exploring nature and the joys around you.

We hope that we will see you at the market and the launch event. Here’s to a prosperous year!

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