The New Collection May 2021

The made-to-order mimosa collection featuring quilted jackets, wide leg trousers and quilted hoodies. Dead stock materials from Amorthreads and Vintage remnants. Photography by Maisie Lee Walker in Bath

‘The Mimosa Collection’ 

I have to give full credit to our brand ambassador Grace Richardson for when wearing her orange trousers she felt as though she should be having brunch with the girls. I can picture this collection sitting at an outside terrace drinking bottomless mimosas while reconnecting with friends who you haven’t been able to see during the global lockdown.

As well as one-of-a-kind jackets made from upcycled remnant materials. We are introducing a NEW made-to-order collection. Wide leg satin trousers and quilted will be available to pre-order across a two week window. But only limited quantities will be available as we are using dead-stock materials.

Finally, size inclusivity which is fashionable, and not to mention kind to the planet.

The clothing in the collection will be oversized, unisex and comfortable. Our sizing for the trousers are adjustable to a Male, Female and Non-Binary waist size. We are expanding our range to fit you, so when ordering we can make your order to fit YOU.

The Photoshoot

The photoshoot took place in the Sydney gardens with Photographer Maisie Lee Walker. The shoot featured six Third Year Textile Students From Bath Spa University.

Maisie Lee Walker, photographer, barista and content creator from Bath. She is also a co-creator on @igersbath she is a Freelance photographer (eg. Lifestyle, events, fashion, travel etc).

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