Logo: The story behind the Daines Atelier Logo.


Have you ever wondered what on earth the Daines Atelier logo means? We get asked this question quite a lot. Hence,I thought it might be interesting for you to find out a little bit of insider information.


At University studying Fashion Atelier I was was working on my graduate collection. It was based around a dystopian future predicting some far-right politics and what may happen (bit deep, I’m sorry!). I created these t-shirts inspired by the Black Bloc movement in Germany. They were core pieces which went with every article of clothing in my clothing so became a core graphic within my logo. The flower was representative of national peace (the English rose) and showed that the nation was protesting simply for national peace and their own human rights. In conclusion, I suppose as well in current climates this is also quite apparent!

Daines Atelier Graduate Collection 2084
Daines Atelier AW1920 Logo


The logo evolved into showing the peace rose on top of some more tailored garments. It changed because the message of the brand has evolved into. Firstly, being more about slow fashion and creating clothing which wasn’t damaging the planet. Secondly, reflective of being fast fashion and polluting. The rose continued as a core feature because the brand still wants to echo peace among all and its main focus is to create a clothing brand which is peaceful and kind to our environment.

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Daines Atelier AW1920 Label for garments


The current evolution of the Logo is just the rose with our brand name written across. It was decided that the brand would now be focused on the rose. The symbolic peace that would be echoed across the nation and the world at how slow fashion can be kind and circular to our planet.

Daines Atelier Logo

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