Upcycling: A Quick Guide To Sustainable Fashion

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The word Upcycling tends to have a lot of “tacky” connotations surrounding it, but we are here to change your opinion. You will notice some of the clothing we sell here at Daines Atelier comes under the Sustainability Factor of Upcycled. But what does it mean?

Pinterest Pin Sustainable Fashion Guide
Upcycling: A quick Guide to Sustainable Fashion.

If a garment is upcycled it means that it fitted another purpose before. For example, in its previous life it might have been a pair of curtains, but in this life… it’s a Batwing jumper! We tend to work with: Preloved Denim Items, Vintage Jackets, Curtains and Fabric Samples. Below are a few examples from our most recent collection which feature upcycling:

Does Quality in Material Matter?

We work with these types of garments based on quality. We find that withhold their structure and durability with having multiple owners. As a sustainable brand, we want to be working with materials which we know are likely to last a lifetime. This is the most important factor because if you work with a good quality garment/ fabric you can do so much more.

For example, a lot of fast-fashion companies use clothing high in nylon (plastic content) this is so that they are creaseless, and they’re cheaper to produce in high quantities. But the Nylon has a memory and will keep all stitch marks, wear and tear and start to get smelly! Not to mention it will take 200 years to break down after use! They qualities mean that you’re unable to get a nice drape or a clean and consistent finish when upcycling.

Can Upcycling be Trendy and Luxurious rather than Tacky?

Upcycling always has such a tacky and DIY vibe to it. The sound of the word sometimes makes you cringe. But why can’t it be connoted with ‘luxury’ or with ‘cool’ or ‘fashionable?’ we aim to break the stigma and prove that upcycling can create beautiful and trendy products that will last a lifetime.

With 350,000 tonnes of clothing going to landfill every year it’s time that we gave a chance to upcycling and explored new innovative ways in which garments can be repurposed. Sustainability and being conscious of our wardrobe is definitely trendy and something which we as consumers are becoming aware of. We are atrting to see so maany immerging designer taking on the challenge of luxurious upcycling.

Know of any other great designers who are upcycling? Send us a message on Instagram! @dainesatelier.

Browse some of our Upcycled Garments on The Sustainable Style Shop.

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