We’re now stocked on Fassion

Fassion Pinterest pin to show new online platform showcasing creative designers who express individuality.

We are excited to announce that were not stocked on Fassion. It’s an online platform with a mission to create a community which celebrates creativity and individuality.

The platform combines Designers, Labels and customers. And is home to so many incredible designers. Here’s some of my favourites.

Carbon Clothing

A contemporary print and removed textiles, slow fashion label. They pride themselves on individuality and their message to quit fast fashion.

Carbon offers a diverse range of lifestyle products consisting of gender-neutral, sustainable clothing, gifts, and accessories. The brand displays fresh styles, bold bespoke prints and a selection of upcycled products.

I love the bold prints and colours of this brand.

OMC Knitwear.

I remember when I first came across this brand on Instagram and I was in complete awe with their natural toned colour palette and silhouettes.

The northern Ireland Knitwear company make a range of accessories including headbands and scarves. As well as their pull over sweaters.

On Instagram

Fashion is also on Instagram. They share educational posts on The Independent Fashion Industry- why is it important? Why you should shop independent? As well as history on subcultural fashion.

Also, They are regularly updating their feed with new products from their designers and news inside the world of Fassion.

Screenshot of Fassion Instagram account showcasing creative designer

Fashion is a really new platform. So, It is up and coming and hosting so many new creatives everyday- it’s worth checking out!

Daines Atelier on Fassion

Daines Atelier profile on Fassion

We are currently ready to browse on the Fashion platform. We have selected a few of our key products to be showcased! As a result, Head over to Fassion to view our product range. Or view more in our shop.

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