What’s it like to do a Branding Photoshoot with Celie Photo, Frome?

Doing a Branded Photoshoot

I recently won a Branding Photoshoot with Celie Photo in Frome. I just had to share my experience as it was second to none. The professionalism, the beautiful images. Wow, all I can say is what a day!

“A truly incredible local photographer who will elevate your business branding to the next level with her impeccable photography. If you feel nervous in front of the camera, you will feel at ease with Celie.

It was so natural working with Celie. I’ve never laughed so much in my life! Celie went above and beyond with BOTH of her cameras capturing the true essence and story behind Daines Atelier.

I’ve never looked at a photo and thought “this is Daines Atelier”. It’s scary at how much of a story can be captured in one photograph.

So if you’re a small business, maybe a start-up or even established. Help to find your voice and message through the imagery you present to the world. Celie is the best Brand Photographer covering Somerset and The South West.”

Our 5 Star Google Review for Celie Photo

The Process of working with Celie Photo.

The Branding Questionnaire.

Before you even begin working with Celie, she will send you over a Branding Questionnaire. This helps with understanding your business a little bit more. From this Celie is then able to come up with a mood board and plan for how the Photoshoot will occur. She spills all the beans on a zoom call with her vision and how it aligns to yours.

I loved Celie’s plan for our Photoshoot as it entailed 45 minutes of general working in the studio and my space. After that, we had the plan of shooting up to 3 outfits using different spaces across The Silk Mill where my studio was located.

The Day of the Photoshoot.

Celie appeared with not one, but two cameras! She explained to me at how one of the cameras she had set up for more detailed shots and the other one for portraits. So also brought a light with her as I had informed her before hand on how dark my studio space can be!

Upon arrival Celie broke down the day again to me. Retelling her process and how things will work. Strangely enough, it felt so natural to be in front of the camera with Celie as my photographer!

The way Celie makes you feel so at ease is a joy. Any anxiety’s about having your photograph taken simply disappear, it’s like it isn’t even happening!

After finishing the Photoshoot Celie informed that an initial Gallery would be sent over before the final one, which would be ready in up to two weeks.

The final Gallery

Wow. The entire Gallery appeared in 72 hours. It was safe to say I was entirely shocked with how quickly it had been completed.

Every single photo that Celie sent me was an absolute dream. She captured the essence of ‘Daines Atelier’ so perfectly. My own branded colours, the free spirit and me.

Being sent over a low-resolution and high-resolution worked out perfectly as it meant that the photos could safely upload onto to social media and be perfect for my website also.

Would you Recommend Celie Photo?

How could I not! Her work is impeccable! I am definitely planning on working with Celie again.

Here’s our Branding Photoshoot.

Enjoy! Don’t forget you can shop these looks on our Shop.

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