It really shouldn’t be a struggle finding comfortable clothing for everyday life.

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When I say comfortable clothing, I do not mean your average tracksuits. I mean your suit trousers; your raincoat; your jumper underneath. We live such busy lives which don’t allow ourselves to feel the comfort of clothing. 

Personally, being 5ft7 and female (which I wouldn’t particularly call that far above average, but the fashion industry does.) I struggle to find trousers. That fit my waist, reach my waist and don’t allow my ankles to be displayed. Hence it is near impossible to find comfortable clothing.

Hence, why when it came to designing commercial pieces for Daines Atelier, I considered the little things. The Paddington Coat is a great example:

  • It has a raglan sleeve, which means the fit is adjustable to a variety of different shoulder widths. 
  • It also has a ballooned sleeve and cuffs, which means it will adjust to different arm lengths.
  • The body panel is circular, meaning it will fit all hip, bum and thigh sizes. 
  • It will also fit into the maternity category, as the jacket can cover a bump comfortably.
  • It has a large hood which covers the edges of the face and can protect you from the wind.
  • It also features lapels to ensure that the garment is smart and suitable for all occasions.
  • The garment is also unisex and can be world fluidly.

On our products page, you can read through the descriptions of each product silhouette and the functions based behind them. Simple ideas can go a long way.

Fallen in love with The Paddington Coat? Its listed on our Etsy as well!

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