Who Are We?!

We Create Sustainable Fashion for an Eco-Conscious Everyday Life.

Daines Atelier offers a range of different garments, including our famous Slouchy Batwing Jumpers, which are made of reclaimed materials or upcycled garments to reduce the carbon footprint of your wardrobe. Conscious of the effects of the Fast Industry we aim to educate and change the mindset of the Fashion World.

Meet The Team- Daines Atelier- Evie Daines

I’m Evie Daines.

Owner, Founder and Creative Director of Daines Atelier.

Meet the Team- Tia Treherne Social media Influencer

I’m Tia Treherne

Social Media, Photography and Creative Direction.

Meet The Team- Daines Atelier- Anisah Rahman

I’m Anisah Rahman

Creative Writer, Seamstress and Admin Queen.

Clothing should be made with LOVE and not unethical labour.

There’s no need to feel guilty about the Clothing in your wardrobe.

We do not need to use new materials when reclaimed materials can be just as beautiful.

Traditional Workmanship and Skills still exist!

An item of clothing should be worn a thousand times and not just for the occasion.

Not all youths are causing havoc on the streets… some of us are causing it in our studio!

About The Team

Graduates in Fashion, Photography and Social Sciences with an ambition to fight the current unethical and unsustainable footprint of the Fashion Industry. We aim to educate on the importance of buying into local and small business’ and at how you can make a difference with climate change through your wardrobe.

With a passion for sustainability, looking fabulous and breaking the stigma of graduates in the workplace. We create clothing suitable for all genders and shapes and sizes, using our sustainable practices and local craftsmanship.

An investment into the brand is an investment into making the world a much more sunny place!

What We Stand For.

  • Sustainability- In a climate where the Fast Fashion Industry is self-destructing to poor labour, water pollution, textile waste and poor quality. We corrupt these principles to produce the best sustainable garments around.
  • Innovation- Using reclaimed materials, creative pattern cutting and our imagination. We are able to create one-off pieces which their own signature styles and shapes. Something you will not see on the high-street or anyone else.
  • Craftsmanship- Traditional Textiles skills such as pattern-cutting, tailoring techniques and hand-sewn finishing’s. A rarity for any contemporary garment.

Read more about our Guarantee here.

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