Why Shopping at Daines Atelier is like Shopping at a High End Thrift Store.

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Why Shopping at Daines Atelier is like Shopping at a High End Thrift Store.

Don’t worry, you are not alone with the inner guilt of not enjoying purchasing from a Charity Shop. There are thousands of others who want to shop for unique items, support their local community and generally just feel good about their purchase history.

But sometimes the stench of moth balls can be a little bit off-putting. Also, the unknown factor as to who this garment belonged to before. whether that is a stain, or it just needs washing? Not to mention the frustration of finding something you LOVE and it not being your size.

Don’t fret… We’re here to help. At Daines Atelier we give you a high-market thrift style store. The kind you might find down in Chelsea and the Kardashians wouldn’t turn their nose up to.

I know you’re puzzled. What on earth makes Daines Atelier a high end thrift style store?

Daines Atelier at The Frome Independent
  1. Firstly, We hand-pick and reclaim the high-quality materials. Sourced from charitable locations, donations or deadstock (We save them just before they become landfill!) So, everything you purchase has already positively impacted the local community.
  2. Secondly, We produce ONE-OFF garments. That’s right, being an uber slow fashion company ensures that the garment you purchase. NO-ONE ELSE will own! Now you’ll 100% have a wardrobe which David Bowie would have been jealous of.
  3. Everything is ethically produced locally. Our team of trained Seamstresses and tailors finish every garment to the highest of standard and are paid a fair wage! Doesn’t take make you feel good?
  4. Nothing is “fashionable”. We aim to create your perfect capsule wardrobe which suits YOU. YOUr personality, YOUr body shape, everything is all about YOU, YOU, YOU!
  5. Finally, YOU will know the entire history of your garment. Who put it together, where the fabric came from, something which has never been openly spoken about in the Fashion Industry before.
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On a trip with Depops @handpickedbyHannah, we visited Bologna in the hunt for inspiration and materials.

Let us help you to enjoy giving back to the community and the glee of knowing that you’re a conscious consumer. Head over to our store (Sustainable Style Shop) and look at our one-of-a-kind garments.

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