Need something for a special occassion? but don’t want to buy into something new you only need once? not to worry. you can now rent out daines atelier.

Renting out an outfit can have many benefits. As well as being more cost effective, giving you the opportunity to wear clothing you typically cannot afford and allowing you to try out new styles. The environmental benefits of renting your wardrobe are next to none.

Waste is reduced in the industry as it combats our fast-fashion mindset of buy once, wear once. Instead we might only wear it once, but sharing within a community of renters means that it will definitely be worn more than just that once.

We understand that slow and sustainable fashion is cost effective for everyone- especially when it comes to one-off avant-garde pieces. Which is why we are delighted to offer specifically designed collections to our rental platforms.

How Does Rental Work?

It’s pretty straightforward actually.

  1. Pick which item you would like to rent from either ‘LOANHOOD’ or ‘Wear My Wardrobe Out’.
  2. Follow the Rent Now link to the direct listing for the item.
  3. Select you preferred rental dates.
  4. We will agree to your rental and send it out from there.

What Can I Rent From Daines Atelier?

We are constantly working on new collections alongside out Rental Platforms ‘Wear My Wardrobe Out’ and ‘LOANHOOD.’ We design specifically to a brief given by the platforms as towards what rental trends are currently happening. Want to rent something else on the website? Or Looking for a specific rental product we could create? Contact us here >

If you need a special piece why not try @loanhood check this amazing recycled denim tailcoat by @dainesatelier that you can loan for a week….

Lupe Castro (@mscastrorides)

LOANHOOD is more than just a platform. It’s a community full of Fashion Stylist, Activists, Students and Industry Insiders. The platforms allows for you to find your style tribe and rent from your favourite small and emerging designers or your bigger favourite sustainable ones.

  • LOANHOOD is collectively reducing fashion consumption
  • LOANHOOD is prolonging the lifespan of clothing by championing creativity and style over newness
  • LOANHOOD is reducing the environmental impact of clothing by collectively increasing the number of times garments are worn
  • LOANHOOD is reducing the cost per wear of garments by enabling you to get a return on your investment through rental

Wear My Wardrobe Out is Sustainable Fashion as a Service.

Through their in-house Fashion Rental, Repairs, Alterations and Made-to-Order Services. WMWO is more than just a rental platform- it opens the opportunity to explore sustainable fashion in many more ways.

Through their rental platform you can find a mixture of Vintage, modern or pre-loved clothing. Even some one-off Upcycled items. Everything is carefully repaired in order to worn and loved again and again.

The Mission at Wear My Wardrobe Out.
  1. Challenge the long-term buying behaviours of people in the UK, driven by social peer pressure, which contributes to increased consumer debt. Through enabling a platform for people to affordably rent vintage and pre-loved stylish outfits instead of buying them.
  2. Contribute to slowing down throwaway fashion by affordably renting out vintage and pre-loved items until they have reached the end of their economic useful life through the ongoing love, repair and upcycling of pre-loved items.
  3. Contribute to the reduction of fashion wastage by recycling and upcycling where feasibly possible end of life, pre-loved fast fashion and vintage items.

We’ve made a promise to love our planet and we intend to keep it!