Slow Fashion Brand Upcycling Vintage Textiles into Clothing. Based in Frome, Somerset.

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Daines Atelier creates handmade clothing from vintage textiles. Their upcycled fashion are known to be one-off and on the rare occasion a limited run dependent on fabric availability. 

The joy of working with Vintage and Remnant Materials is that there is always a story to be told. The fabrics hold memories of a past life being hand-selected by another or previously cut into a gown for an occasion. The imperfections within the materials hold more than we’ll ever know.

Founded by Evie Daines, the journey began from her childhood love for antiques shops and vintage clothing. She was particularly a fan of the 1980’s new romanticism movement, which was influenced by 70s glam rock, 1930s cabaret, Charles I and the French Incroyables.

Collecting a range of vintage fabrics, typically remnants and small off-cuts, led to exploring new ways of working with materials which still had a second lease of life. Previously trained at The University for the Creative Arts studying tailoring and couture sewing. Evie was able to adapt these skills in a more contemporary and sustainable manner.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter on the planet, with the creation of new textiles accounting for 85% of it. By taking a more circular and sustainable approach to fashion, upcycling is the way forward to reduce the industries carbon footprint.

We’re Featured in Reclaim Magazine!

Daines Atelier have been featured in Issue Seventy Eight/ January 2023 Edition of Reclaim Magazine. Featured in the Reclaim Edit alongside loads of other talented Up-cyclers and Makers.

Reclaim Magazine hosts inspiration for building a home filled with gorgeous antiques, up-cycled furniture and more. The magazine launched in 2016 and quickly grew popular, growing a bohemian community of antique lovers. 

Where to find us.

Poot is a treasure trove up the renown Catherine Hill. Home to ‘Sow’s Ear Couture’, ‘Collect me’ and ‘Hearts and Guns.’ It is the place to be when searching for Ethical Fashion Designer clothing that is one-of-a-kind. Follow their Instagram to stay up to date >

As part of the Sustainable Fashion WeekDepartment at Sparks Bristol, Daines Atelier are stocked alongside a variety of Sustainable Fashion Brands. The building is c0-curated by Artspace LifespaceGlobal Goals Centre UK and Invisible Circus. Discover more of what we’re selling here >

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The studio is situated within The Silk Mill, An Artists Project Space.

5 Silk Mill Studios

Merchants Barton

Frome, Somerset

BA11 1PT

Our Mission Statement as a Sustainable Brand.

1. Who made my clothes?

Everything at Daines Atelier is sewn in our studio in Frome, Somerset. Everything, including sourcing the materials, is done within the local area. Currently it is a one-band team of myself, Evie Daines. But as Daines Atelier grows we aim to hire within the local area and open up opportunities for young people to establish skills of traditional craftsmanship.

2. What materials are used and why.

Daines Atelier source vintage textiles and remnants locally. We specifically source out materials which have a long durability and a high-natural fibre content. We do this because the creation of new Textiles in the fashion industry accounts for 85% of pollution. By being a circular fashion brand our mission is to ensure that all textiles remain in the cycle and are repurposed rather than thrown away. We are currently exploring new ways of working with even small scraps of textiles.

3. Where do we source our materials and what do we know about their production?

We source all of our textiles second-hand. Typically being cloths collected for many years by different individuals without giving them a purpose. We save them just before the end of their cycle. Typically these fabrics are discarded because: they’re not big enough to produce a single garment, the previous owner had no intention with using it or they have already fulfilled their purpose as a upholstery item. In the future we would like to continue working in this manner and be able to expand our area to wilder afield to save more textiles from becoming waste.

We’re currently expanding our stockists. If you pride yourself as an Independent Retailer working with small brands who are focused on sustainability… count us in.