Top 5 podcasts to listen to if you’re at the beginning of your slow fashion journey.

Our Top 5 Ethical Podcasts to kickstart your sustainable Journey, text overlaying image of dancer Grace Richardson wearing Vekvet Batwing Jumper.

If you’re at the beginning of converting yourself into the slow fashion industry. A little bit of conversation surrounding the industry might in fact help you to understand why you need to change your habits.

Our Top 5 Ethical Podcasts to kickstart your sustainable Journey, text overlaying image of dancer Grace Richardson wearing Vekvet Batwing Jumper.

I am forever listening to podcasts. I was shocked at the end of 2020 to learn that I was in the top 15% of podcast listeners on Spotify! It is an engaging conversation to listen to while I’m sewing away. Hence it actually helps me to concentrate more than music.

We’ve actually created a playlist on Spotify for sustainable podcasts. Which we will be updating on the regular! So be sure to follow.

5. Sustainable Fashion by Gaia and Dubos.

Gaia & Dubos Podcast Graphic
Sustainable Fashion by Gaia and Dubos

This is a great podcast to start your journey with! Initial fast fashion and mass consumption lovers, this podcasts talks about the journey Leonie went on to become a fan of slow fashion.

In the Podcast: why high-end fashion is more sustainable, the quote it is better to be imperfect at something than not do it at all (something along those lines) which I absolutely love. It really envisions the difficulties of turning to slow fashion from fast fashion.

The podcast has been around a year and really does encapsulate some brilliant topics.

4. Common Threads.

Alice Cruickshank and Ruth Macgrip Common Threads Ethical Podcast Graphic
Common Threads, a podcast about ethical fashion with Alice Cruickshank & Ruth MacGilp

The podcast by Ruth MacGilp (An Ethical writer) and Alice Cruickshank (A stylist) open ups conversations regarding the fashion industry.

At what cost are we able to be a consumer of so many luxurious goods? Or would you rent out your own wardrobe? The podcast opens up a diverse range of topics and shows facts and figures which will shock you.

They have introduced so many great speakers onto the podcast and speak about activism for change. A great podcast born out of lockdown.

3. Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press.

Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press Graphic
Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press.

The infamous Wardrobe Crisis podcast by Vogues first sustainable editor Clare Press. Clare interviews internationally about issues in the industry.

The podcast began in 2018 and there is such a variety in topics. One podcast which really stuck out to me was Disabled people love clothes too featuring Keah Brown. Having close friends with disabilities whom always look fabulous, I never realised the struggles in which they would endure.

Or the lack of disabled representation in the industry. It’s scary, but definitely needs change.

2. Fashion Fix with Charli Howard.

BBC sounds Fashion Fix with Charli Howard Graphic-
Fashion Fix with Charli Howard.

Fashion Fix is focused more on brands and ‘dress sense’ which is sustainable. It is also part of the BBC radio.

There is such a variety of different topics addressed which are on very current topics and companies. So I would say this podcast is the most up to date regarding recent news topics.

Charli speaks with so many different incredible individuals. It’s q really great listen.

1. The Business of Fashion Podcast.

Logo for the BOF podcast

The business of fashion resource is business insider into the luxury side of the fashion industry. Regularly updated, it isn’t focused on just sustainability but also industry economics. It’s the real nitty gritty.

The topics vary from news, the industry and lifestyle choices. So if you want some variety in your podcast listening this is what I would recommend.

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Whenever Emily and I come across a fantastic playlist surrounding sustainability we just have to share it with you! Which is why we decided to create this playlist for you, so that’s it’s all in one place.

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